PT to Cover Driver??

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  1. Fastmax

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    Currently a part time preload employee / exception air driver. Passed 30 days during Christmas 17’ as a TCD. Successfully passed integrad in August of 17’. Went back inside PT January 15th 2018. Management confronted me about taking a cover driver position on (May 18th). My only question is if I’m hired from PT to a cover driver in the first week of June, do I still get seniority towards full time? Article 57 Section 4 (I).

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  2. Box Ox

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    No. Taking a holiday route out for a spin isn’t enough to make seniority and red circle where I am.
  3. Fastmax

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    I would be considered a FT cover driver, not a TCD. I would start at $18.75 an hour and have a four year progression. Is it four years working or 4 years from the day I acquire full time seniority?