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    A few details... I work preload with barely 1 year seniority(lowest rank in hub)
    I would eventually like to go FT but not now. Normal FT rollover time is 8 to 9 years here. We have several PTs who want no part of package car. Our hub is in need of sat. air drivers. A driver suggested that I put in for sat. and or cover driver. He claimed, if I "qualified"(whatever that means) now, that I would jump ahead of PTs with more seniority who haven't qualified. Is this true?
    I thought FT consideration was strictly by seniority or hire date? Meaning, if I ran sat. air or cover, would I be up for FT before a PT with more seniority who just worked preload? I'm also designated responder but I doubt that has anything to do with it.
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    i guess what he means by qualified is if there driving record is satisfactory along with there criminal backround and they can pass a road test
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    Designated responder status has nothing to do with it. Qualification does mean you have to have a satisfactory driving record. Promotion to FT status is done by seniority. Driving on Saturdays will give you experience both with the DIAD and with the pkg car and will give you area knowledge but will not bump you ahead of someone who has more seniority than you unless that person does not wish to go in to package.

    I will admit that I am not 100% familiar with this process but if you PM 705red I am sure he will be able to better answer your questions.