Pt to full-time pension. Peer 84 to peer 80 questions

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    So I have ten years part time in the west coast pension, and on the peer84 plan. If I decide to go full time how does that work? As of now I can retire at 52 part time and already have 15,300 annual benefit because I work 35 hours a week pt.

    So if I'm full-time and in the peer80 program do I get to retire at 50?? Or does it average out.

    I started at 20 years old.

    If i have to start a new pension I'll probably just stay part time as I make ok money. I don't think that's the case tho. A few people I know went full time after 15+ years and are still paying into the same pension. They have the same questions as me.
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    All part time years count and since you are working 35 hours a week you are doing yourself a big favor when you decide to retire...good for you. You are able to have 2080 hours part time...double shifting and air driving all count so keep doing that. You can retire at peer 80 with part time and full time hours but you might not get as much as someone who has 30 full time years in so that is why its so important to get as many hours as you can parttime. I believe in other pension plans there is a different setup from part time to full time. Also, are you sure you have peer 84 coverage??? I thought most of the western states are peer 80 and this would also count for part timers also. Yes you could retire at 50 and be farther ahead of someone money wise who worked the same amount of years as you part and full time but only had 20 hours a week part time..make sense?