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    I know when doing educational transfers you keep company seniority but lose hub seniority. So my question is how does it work when biding for combo jobs assuming you decided to transfer? I know you are place at the bottom for that particular center. But does the bid also affects your position for available jobs located at different hubs? Or will that be based on your original seniority date?
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    This is a local thing. In this region, we can bid between jobs and never lose seniority moving between buildings. In other areas, you can bid a job and go to the bottom of a building list but maintain vacation/etc. pick seniority. And you do maintain your seniority date in those regions, to my knowledge. Check your local supplement.
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    That should be covered in your union contract, probably in the regional supplement or local rider. Read it. Ask your steward or call the union hall and talk to a business agent.

    Here (and this may or may not be the same where you are), a part-time can bid for a full time job in any of the other buildings in my Local's jurisdiction. No need to 'transfer' as a PT employee. When they pass the probation period, they get a Full Time Seniority Date (used in some situations), and keep their Part Time Seniority Date (for other situations).