PTers and FTers in progression retro check/future wages

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    There has been a lot of questions so i figured i would post this.
    pay special attention to the part between the **********for in progression pters.

    In the first three (3) years of the contract, the

    increase will be effective on August 1st.

    In 2016 and 2017 each

    of the years, the increase shall be paid in two (2) equal installments.
    The first half of the increase shall become effective on
    August 1 of the specified year. The second half of the increase
    shall become effective on February 1 of the following calendar
    year. The total wage increase for each year will be as follows:
    2013 seventy cents ($0.70)
    2014 seventy cents ($0.70)
    2015 seventy cents ($0.70)
    2016 eighty cents ($0.80)
    2017 one dollar ($1.00)

    ********Part-time employees still in progression on August 1,
    13 shall

    receive the above contractual increases and will be paid no less
    than what they are entitled to in accordance with the wage schedules
    in Article 22, Section 5 (b) below. **********Between the date of ratification
    and August 1, 2008 part-time employees will continue to be
    paid in accordance with the progression contained in the prior
    Agreement. The progression set forth in (b) below shall be applied
    effective August 1, 2008

    (b) Newly hired part-time employees
    All part-time employees, who are hired or reach seniority after
    August 1, 2008
    13 will be paid according to the following wage

    Hourly Rate
    Preloader All
    Sorter Others
    Start $11.00 $10.00
    Seniority plus one (1) year $11.50 $10.50
    Seniority plus two (2) years $12.00 $11.00
    Seniority plus three (3) years $13.00 $12.00
    Seniority plus four (4) years $13.50 $12.50

    It has the same language but i currently don't have the time to copy and paste then cut out all the marked out crap.
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    The language you posted is not correct.

    need to remove

    Between the date of ratification
    and August 1, 2008 part-time employees will continue to be
    paid in accordance with the progression contained in the prior
    Agreement. The progression set forth in (b) below shall be applied
    effective August 1, 2008

    full timers do not have the same language
  3. Again. I'm still confused. I received a 99 cent raise on September 8th of 2013 to put my wage at 12.99. Will I be making 13.50 or get a 70 cent raise to 13.69?
  4. BrownBrokeDown

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    I was doing it in a hurry and having issues with it. And yes, FTers do have the language that was the point of me posting this...

    "Full-time employees still in progression on the effective date of this Master Agreement shall receive the above contractual increases. They will be paid no less than what they are entitled to in accordance with Article 41, Section 2 below."

    It is the middle of page 23, last paragraph of Article 41, Section 1.
  5. AudubonDon

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    Was at 12.99 jumped up to 13.69. Some of my coworkers received 50 cent raises other 1.50 and $1 raises
  6. BrownBrokeDown

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    Not sure where you got a 0.99 raise from. doesn't match anything i have ever seen. The amount will depend on where in progression you are. Aug 1st 2013 i was owed the 0.70, and then on my hire date was owed an additional 0.30 to match me to the new 3 year progression pay. This coming up Aug 1st they will owe me 0.70, but on my hire date they will not owe me anything as i will be making 13.70 and the 4 year progression pay is 13.50, so i will actually be over it.
  7. AudubonDon

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    Don't know either, but when I hit my 4th year of seniority I received the 99 cent raise. Just got the .70 cent raise. I am now at 13.69
  8. PiedmontSteward

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    The "$0.99" raise is from a PT'er in the last year of his progression receiving the scheduled $0.87 raise + the $0.12 COLA raise we received 3+ years ago. COLA raises are tacked onto the "final" wage rate for someone finished with progression.
  9. saintrick

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    The language is similar but not the same.

    Full time includes this:

    Article 41 Section 2(c) of the prior Agreement shall remain in effect
    for all employees in that progression as of the date of the ratification.
  10. browntroll

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    i have a coworker that reaches his 2 years seniority in september he is being told by a shop steward that he wont
    receive a .70 cent raise and wont be getting a retrocheck any truth to this? the guy is already making $10.00 an hour.
  11. AlwaysChafed

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    Shouldn't he be at $11 now?!?

    *edit, never mind I see Sept of this year.
  12. BrownBrokeDown

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    Sounds conflicting to me. I wonder if what you posted applies to drivers only since the progression time changed. What article/section if that from?
  13. BrownBrokeDown

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    ahhh, that explains it. Does the cola usually happen every year, or is it sporadic when the inflation "stuff" triggers it?
  14. MR2Mark

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    From what my shop stewards and a few of the union reps told me, was that I would be getting a 70 cent raise.I hit my 1 year on August 6, 2013, I got a 50 cent raise. Should I be getting a 70 cent raise? Also, will I be getting a retro? Also, what is "seniority" Working 90 days or hitting 1 year?
  15. MattM

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    Why is this so confusing? Paint me in the same corner MR2Mark.

    I started with UPS PT peak in late november 2012. Six weeks later after peak, I was "let go". Wage was $8.50/hr. They called me back about 9 weeks later asking if I wanted to come back. Apparently my start date/hire date with the company was set to around February 23rd, 2013 (peak didnt count for anything but Union due time).

    90 days later, I get my $1.00 cent raise at the end of May 2013 to $9.50... A year comes around, February 23rd, 2014, a $0.50 raise to $10.00.

    Today I sit with another $0.50 raise, to $10.50. I ask the same question that MR2Mark asks, what is seniority?

    $10.50 is what a newly hired person should make after a whole year under the new contract, right? It hasn't even been a year under the new contract.

    A $0.70 raise didn't seem to make sense to me after six months of work, after just receiving a 90 day "raise" a month or two prior. So my expectations through this have been low.. I'm just trying to figure out this whole situation for myself and others.
  16. CajunInTexas

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    Apparently this is what happened to my son as well. He received the .99 sometime late March. Does he still have the .70 coming (which would make it 13.69) or is there something I'm not understanding that makes the current 13.50 the correct rate.

    Should it be 13.69 or is the 13.50 correct and if so, why?
  17. scooterplus

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    I feel as if I'm either confused on my seniority date or just havent gotten all the raises I'm supposed to get yet.
    Seasonal Oct-Dec 2012 $9.50
    Rehired Jan 2013 $9.50
    March 2013 $10.50 (seniority starts then or reverts to jan?)
    Jan 2014 $11.00
    May 2014 $11.50

    Writing this all out makes me believe the progression bit is what threw my numbers and several of other people posting like Matt. If in progression, the difference between the 'new hire' wage and what you were getting is what will determine your retro pay or wage now. I couldnt drop the .70 out of the equation.
  18. He'll be at 13.50. Exact same thing happened to me. If you got through your 4th year of progression after August 1st you got the .99 cent raise and then get a .51 cent raise to get to 13.50 (if you have skill pay) if you got through your 4th year of progression before August 1st then you'll be at 13.69.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    .99 cents is not the same as $.99 or 99 cents. Just sayin'.
  20. Scottyhawk

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    If you were hired before august 1st, Seniority is 90 days after orientation. Regardless of where you are in progression and when you received your yearly raise, you should receive the 70 cent raise. Your next progression raise will either equal out to the next level if below that progression wage, or if you are over that pay level you will then not get a raise.