PT's still getting fed?

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    Just curious if PT's in other parts of the country are still getting food before sort, during PCM, or after sort. On several occasions we got fed on our sort during my first 2 years, and we were getting promised to get rewards for completely annihilating our misload numbers (we were at around 1 for 60,000 pieces as a sort), had no accidents in over 2 years, and nailed our KETER audits twice. We were told by our supervisors that they don't have the money to reward us now...... last week they fed the drivers with like 40 pizzas (that same night we found out one of the cars had scratches all over the front of it and no driver reported it). I don't get it... kinda killing the morale and making us feel unappreciated.
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    Generation Me--The Age of Entitlement
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    Look on the bright side. Your check will clear on Friday.
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    Don't eat their food it will poison your brain. You will be brainwashed by everything they tell you.

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    LOL. You actually thought they appreciated you? LOL.
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    Upstate, You're right on the money!!
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    They sure appreciate the number, though.

    One time our FT sups and pt were running so underhandedly decieptfuly and fudging so well, their numbers were off the charts, that we had pizza and/or food 6 nights in 2 weeks. Then, the union filed grievances, won, and haven't seen food in 6 months because they were removed of operating in such a way.

    The point: the food, like everything else at UPS is about UPS, not about you.
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    I see pizza getting delivered a couple of times a week to various places PD's,sort aisle etc.
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    My building has pretty much eliminated food from the budget. It seems we used to have cakes and goodies for everything but they were slashed as controllable costs. Since we sit at computers all day and don't burn it off like the package handlers/drivers do, it's probably not a bad thing to eliminate the company sponsored junk food! If they call us all in on a weekend or ask us to come in super early, they generally take care of us though.