Pulling Doubles and Triples

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  1. Question for any of the Feeder drivers or anybody that knows, does UPS still pull triples? I know some states do not allow it, but is this practice still done? Where does it most occur?

    Last I seen triple pull was in heading into MEANJ back in '02, and it was 2 drop-frames and 1 48fter.

    Also does UPS still pull double 48fters?
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    Would those 48 footers be 40 footers maybe?
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    I always thought triples were only legal west of the Mississippi so I am surpised you saw them in New Jersey. I can't imagine pulling a set of triple of the NY Turnpike (it's bad enough driving a car with those idiots).
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    photo1.jpg_1010400 copy1 copy.jpgdouble48's 1.jpg
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    We pull trips here in Oklahoma......3-28 footers, 1-45 footer and 1-28 footer, 2-45 footers or like last week a 53 in front of a 48....no restrictions here.
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    SPif91- If that is your set of triples, then you sir, are an artist. Nice smooth curve, nothing outta line, that is a pretty build.


    I was in Nevada about two months ago and saw a few sets of trips.
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    He's better than you think. He took that pic after he backed onto that dock!
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    They b mine and thank you for the compliment although I must say they don't always look that purdy!!!!
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    They b mine from last Wed morning and thank you for the compliment although I must say they don't always look that purdy.......
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    Sorry for the double post. I'm trying to bump up my post count
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    Would you like some pointers?:wink2:
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    I hear some of those oklahoma drivers are so talented they will pull a 28 ft in front of a 45 ft despite what common sense, safety and an organization known as the DOT might say.
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    Not quite. Here in Indiana I had to take a doubles/triples test to qualify for feeders. I have never seen a set of triples leave our lot or on the local highways so I am guessing it is only legal on certain highways in the state, and most likely none that I frequent.
  17. Nope, 48fters I have even seen doubles of 53fters awhile back before.

    Now imagine all the idiots on NJ Turnpike either way NJ or NY it is a dangerous situation.

    I was coming back from dropping my Sis off at college in Reading PA when I seen the trip set at a rest stop for a meet. The driver told me that he was waiting for another driver so that they can split the load.

    You sir, I must commend you, besides the crazy bastards who do the Ice Road Rtes, and the super crazy bastards in Aussie that do the convoys where they are pulling a train of trailers, my hat is off to you guys.
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    Seeing a 48 with a pup just doesn't look right....
  19. Road trains are usually found in the Outback in Australia, and with a minimal of 3 trailers.

    An uncommon 29 Trailer Road Train

    6 Trailer Road Train
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    A 45 with a 28 ft pup behind it is the ideal way to get train pay everynight. U don't even know the pup is back there.