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  1. I have always heard rumors that if someone with less time than you is in a preferred job you can file a greivance. Result will not mean that individual will be bumped to lower classificatio but at least company will have to create a job for you in the classification. Is this true and is there anyway to see hub seniority list to find these junior employees?

    Any info on this would be most appreiciated.
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    Define the situation so we know exactly who you are, err, I mean, what you are talking about.
  3. there was a open position in overgoods a bid sheet i signed and never recieved phone call and offer and a girl that started 18 months after i did won bid
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    Work done by non-mgmt are BID JOBS. Period. Bids are awarded on seniority basis. If your shop stewards suck, talk to the people at the local. Have a nice day.
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    Not here. Only bid jobs are full-time. There are generic bids in F/T (hub sort, hub mid sort etc) that do not designate a position but rather a "hub slut".

    Preferred jobs for part-timers are sorter, loader, unloader, clerical, bulk train, D/R, carwasher....and there is no right to preference by the employee. Of course, theres sometiems a slight bending of the rules.

    The fact is, at least up this way, there's no "bidding" on preferred jobs - PT or FT, and it is definitly hush/hush about being moved to preferred jobs that people actually PREFER with regards to seniority.
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    Let's say HR sends a new employee into the local sort. The newbie loads for a few days but can't keep up. Is it fair when management forces another local sorter out of smalls and back into loading/unloading so that the newbie can have an easier job? As a result the employee that was forced out also loses the extra dollar (skilled pay) and is told that they can't claim seniority because the job isn't a bid job. Just doesn't seem right to me. When I was part-time we always went by seniority.
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    I was wonderin about this myself. Im a part time employee with a little over 2 years of seniority. What happened is that UPS started training new hires to sort and I ended up being bumped out of the sort and now im unloading, When I preffered to sort and have been doing so for most of my time at UPS. Can I do something about this? Or just suck it up and do it? Doesnt help that Im a good unloader. Should I start slacking like manny ramirez or what?
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    Good point, this happens quite a bit. It's WAD so you really don't have any choice if there is no specific practice that your center or hub and union abide by. Some areas have bid jobs, where preferred jobs are by seniority and there is order. Ask your steward if anything like this exists in your area.

    Go slowly and pace yourself. If anyone asks, tell management you're working the best you can. They'll find something else for you to do if their numbers don't look good as they could.

    Don't ask to be moved, especially initially. Let them make the moves on their own. Tell them you want to be successful and work effectively but the unload isn't the right place if they ride you or are concerned.
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    It sure doesn't seem fair, does it? Our center says that preload is preload and we must do whatever we're told to do, no matter of seniority. Any non-premium ptmer would get the extra dollar if doing premium work.

    We have PAL gals galore who are very new but never handle a pkg. There's no way for a premium employee to get those jobs because management says we can't move to a lesser paying job.

    Some of us get played with and moved to heavy areas for different reasons, often because we stand up for our rights and don't kiss the right butts. That's when temptation to slack a bit enters the picture. Purposeful (sp?) slacking robs us of pride and becomes part of the beat-down UPS game. Survival of the fittest or of the most cunning?
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    Thanks i eppreciated ima try the things u said and see what happens...especially asking the union stuart if preffered jobs are by seniority. So if the union staurt says that the preffered jobs are by seniority what do i do???? thanks
  11. everything at my center is by seniority...unless it does not benefit mgmt!

    Perfect example about 2 yrs ago i have a seniority dispute with my f/t sup...My steward said "that is the contract we signed off on and UPS signed off on"..."this is how we do buisness". My f/t er said "its not the way i do buisness...grab a scanner and get in there and load that truck"
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    well that depends, youd have to elaborate on the situation because if this is just how the staffing fell for the day then it is what it is, the sup was completely in the right.....now if this was a bid spot, and you were lost a bid to your preferred job with someone with less seniority then its an issue and the sup was wrong
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