Pulling spa stickers/writing spa numbers with crayon

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  1. The way i was trained to load a few years ago was to check both the spa label and the smart label varify that the addresses match and then take the sticker off and slap it on the box facing out for drivers to see...now management is pushing the methods of circle the spa address circle the smart address and write the truck number as well as the spa number on the box with a crayon

    Was just wondering if anyone is fighting this battle because it is sure hell of alot faster/safer/efficient to pull the stickers than it is to write 6 numbers on every box with a crayon...i dont understand how we can look where were going with we are made to draw on every box
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    1) Next year, they will make you write how you "feel" about each box on the PAL.

    2) It's probably all bull anyway.

    Pick one of the two.
  3. Well see after fighting the union battle with managment i feel that that is her ONLY ammo right now and i have even asked district and they said the crayon method is the method we need to use so that is what i will be doing from now on was just wondering if anyone from other union ever fought for saftey on the crayon method because it is by far not safe to be walking around drawing 6 numbers on the boxes
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    Load the box then write the number on the box.
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    you'll make more money doing it their way... work as instructed....
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    Load box in correct spot. If you wrote on the box I wouldn't even look at. That's what the label is for.
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    bammm.. and there you have it...
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    Do what they say. It's their bed let them lie in it.
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    work as instructed.
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    Load boxes for an hour or so then write numbers on the larger boxes near the rear of the trucks. Mainly on 5,6,7 and 8000 shelves. Works great when a sup walks by. They are too lazy to check the front shelves.
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    The methods are theirs to decide, yes?
    They come and go, only to resurface.
    How else can they perpetuate their top heavy existence.
    There are only so many original ideas after all.
    Right now, in my center, they are reinventing the wheel.
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    Work as instructed. Let them do their own sinking.
  13. Yea really not looking forward to working with these methods i take pride in my trucks and loads and always think about what works for drivers so it sucks i will be having a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed up day for sure

    Thanks for the tips if anyone else uses the crayon method curious what people think about it...does anybody pull stickers? Your right the push of the methods come and go but this is the only ammo she has on me...oh yea and who the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: actually calls out their truck numbers?
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    My preloader had two misloads on my car yesterday. One was an out of sync while the other was a clear misload. 2 out of 550+, while 2 too many, is really not that bad at all. Would pulling the PAL and writing the shelf location have reduced/eliminated those misloads? Probably but it would have also meant not having the car wrapped on time.
  15. Do driver even look at the spa labels i know the adress is right there and too me to it seems like that would be best
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    I couldn't hit the like button enough times to like this
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    The SPA labels are for the loaders only. Seasoned drivers do not look at the SPA labels.
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  19. cosmo1

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    Originally Posted by UpstateNYUPSer
    The SPA labels are for the loaders only. Seasoned drivers do not look at the SPA labels in the bubble of goodness.

    Wow, Dave. You dinged me for this? What a guy.
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    I never look at crayon marks on boxes, just the shipping label. The only time I look at a SPA label is when I peel one off an oversize box on the floor and put it where it is easy to find.