Punching In/Out On The IVIS

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by over9five, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. over9five

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    I heard (indirectly, incomplete info etc) that in the next software upgrade, or the next IVIS, we will be punching in and out IN the tractor. Heard they are already starting this in NH.

  2. cachsux

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    While the potential is there technically you should still be on the clock while turning in any paperwork,etc. They have IVIS units wired in the dispatch office where we clock out after all work is done.
  3. over9five

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    How 'bout when you get to work, you first have to find your tractor. I'd hate to be late cuz my tractor was in the shop instead of tractor staging.

    Anyhow, just a rumor right now, unless some NH guy can confirm it.
  4. Old International

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    I'll walk back out to my tractor and punch out AFTER I have done all my paperwork. At least I don't have to worry about finding my tractor. We only have three, and one of those is gone when I come in.
  5. outta hours

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    We have an IVIS next to the dispatch office. That way we can punch out after all paperwork is complete. Heck sometimes you can get upstairs to punch out, and there may be extra work to be done. Not that often anymore, but you never know..
  6. bluehdmc

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    Harrisburg had a new version of an IVIS. It had a touch screen, a driver from there showed it to me about 6 mo or so ago. (although he said they had stopped putting them it new trucks). He said there was a terminal by dispatch that was the same, you punched in there, that clocked you in. Then you went out to your tractor and punched in to it, the tractor had a small antenna about 6x8" that would get the info from the hub. He said it would upload and download when it got within range of the hub. No more smart card though. Rumor has it something new is coming that they can communicate with the driver if necessary, (maybe 3G or 4G?). Don't know how it would work in dead zones, unless they use a satellite network like qualcomm.
  7. Indy Professor

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    I have the new IVIS in my tractor. You still punch in/out in the office. When you punch in at the office, you log off the system then proceed to your tractor where you log on again. After your finished for the day, you log off from the IVIS in your tractor and proceed to the office where you log on and punch out for the day. It's not hard to use. It's just something new to learn. It'll be nice when they get it fully operational to where we don't have to use the phones anymore. Downside is, it's GPS capable, whether your logged on or not.