purple promise????


Burn this whole thing into the ground
hey guys...just wondering what this slogan is all about and if it is just one more way fred has employees drinking the purple cool aid...welcome abord this site all.


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Well, first let me quote Fred S from his Dec. 3rd interview with Chris Wallace. He said :

SMITH: Well, the "purple promise" is very simple. It simply says I will make every FedEx experience outstanding.
We're trying to get all of those 280,000 team members to focus on the customer, to do their part of our daily job exactly the way the customer would like to have it done.
And on the other side of the coin, we spend an enormous amount of time trying to look after our folks. We are routinely noted as being a wonderful place to work, and our philosophy of putting our people first is integral to meeting those customer expectations.

Now, here is the TRUTH.

On a whole, from what I have experienced while workers along side others, most Fedex employees were already making every Fedex experience outstanding. Going the extra mile seemed to be natural for most fellow Fedex employees I've worked with.

What the Purple Promise really means is Freddy wants it's employees to try even harder, because it's never enough. This goes hand in hand with the monthly frontline videos in which some prick who was never even a courier tells you "I know we can do better." That was the main message month after month to it's employees. What they'd really like to say on that frontline video each month is: "You're still not doing enough you dumba** package donkey."

As for the company looking after it's folks as he put it, that's a real laugh. The revised pension plan is more proof that Fedex does NOT care about it's employees livelyhood.

So the whole Purple Promise thing is nothing more than a tool which is used to squeeze more life out of it's hard-working employees. It's not a people-first philosophy as it proposes. It's a big fat Purple LIE.


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I was excited about our "purple promise payout" basically I guess its a profit sharing
idea, the guys who have been there a while tell of a nice fat bonus 200-300+ range.
Well we all got pretty hosed apparently. from $18-$56 is all we made, we are hoping
it was a clerical error, but if its not, I would say its not a good sign.

As for the Purple Promise, FedExEx is right, but the same can be said for UPS
(and nearly any company in america where production numbers are becoming more
important than customer service)
All companies want to figure out how to squeeze more production($$) from employees.
the Talking heads in the Monthly videos say the same thing "great job, but we can do better" and currently they bemoan the fact that the economy is hurting business..

I won't mention that we had over 300 pieces friday that arrived late and won't go out
till monday, even though couriers volunteered to "fulfil the purple promise" and work saturday. Sure it would have been overtime and cost money, but the last thing you want to do it alienate customers by not even trying.


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I wonder how much the purple promise layout actually costs Fedex. I have a feeling they will just cut hours more than the norm just to make that money back. It wouldn't take much.


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The "Purple Promise" is a joke, and it is widely ridiculed at FedEx because it's meaningless. It's ironic, but actually going the extra mile to satisfy the customer could get you disciplined or even fired. For example, cutting your lunch short to re-attempt a badly needed pkg could get you an OLCC. How about re-delivering an address correction out of your route area that caused you to get a couple minutes of OT? Probably another OLCC.

There isn't much incentive to give any extra effort these days, and actually thinking for yourself in order to provide an outstanding customer experience is taboo. Management has pretty much taken any discretionary decision-making out of the courier job, and employees are slowly but surely figuring out that your reward for doing an excellent job will be additional work with no monetary acknowledgement.

Even if Purple Promise goals are reached, the payouts are a joke. Like a previous poster said, the payouts this past week were around $25.00 for PT and in the $50.00 range for FT, which works out to around a quarter a day for going above and beyond for Fred. In the past, excellence was rewarded at FedEx. Now, mediocrity is the norm, and superior service is just lip service. In short, FedEx is still living off of a reputation for past excellence it no longer deserves.