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    Has Any one that you know got hurt opening the back roll up door. with this new system.
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    How is that door different than the others?
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  4. rod

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    I thought this was going to be about the old Plymouth style push button transmissions they used back in the 60's. I ran a 1964 Plymouth Valiant with a push button transmission one year in the local county fair demo-derby. I took 3rd place. They were actually a great setup.

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    When your five seconds is up, the door stops on a dime while you are straining to continue lifting it.

    Tip: If you are opening the rear roll-up door from inside, use the lever to the right of the door. As long as you push the lever to the right, the diabolical little hook thingy in the track will stay retracted and the door can be raised. The drawbacks are that the door must now be raised one-handed, and the whole time you will feel as if your thumb will be sliced off at any second. (It won't. But it sure feels that way, especially in the dark.)
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    I kinda thought it was about an actual push button being installed to start it. Maybe with a thumbprint recognition type of device. My car has buttons on the outside door handle. If the key are in your purse(pocket), you can just lock the car by pushing the button. Mirrors will fold up automatically, too. When you want to unlock, just pull the handle. Mirrors open back up. Get in and push start and off you go. Why can't UPS have something similar?
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    You have a fancy car. With my truck (personal) you still have to put the key in the door lock to open the door. Don't even have one of those little fobs. Oh well..........
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    Only us old timers remember this kind of stuff , rod!
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    Rod, I had a baby/powder blue push button Valiant !!