Q4-2019 / MIP Status Update


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From my “Crash landing 2019” Thread

This company is in the ditch, and is digging deeper. It will flip into the lake! Upside down and all inhabitants will likely drown under the current leadership.

Read through the last three investor presentations - fall 2018, spring 2014, and 2011. Promises, promises, promises. No delivery.

The future business case studies on this once great company will be titled “Brown up to their eyeballs”.


You have been warned!


Trying to figure out where they hid the body.
Search MIP on UPSers & click on the MIP FAQ. It’s way down the page


Trying to figure out where they hid the body.
The 40% was posted at 12:21 est then abruptly disappeared from UPSERS.


It will be posted at 3 est
I hope all you managers get demoted for the piss poor leadership you all have demonstrated this year to get to 40%. You think your doing a good job saving money promoting people who are 25 years old with zero experience. Look where it got you. I hope one of you idiots asks me a stupid question about how I feel cause your not gonna like it