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    i dont know if its just my terminal or what. The QA lady i have to deal with gives me an attitude every time i bring her a package to look up for me. Then also all she ever does when i 02 a box is she prints out a plain street map and there is an X marked on the map where it should be. This is un helpful i know where the number should be on the street but iim telling you it doesn't exist. There has been time where they pulled google satellite maps up and there is empty lots and they tell me to just bring it out. The old QA lady was great she used to write details of the house down for you and everything was great. I hate this because it goes against my service. I was just curious if anyone else is having this problem or did i just get stuck with the dumb one.
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    Ours can even get our timecards in the right order. They're placed within in the wrong workgroups.
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    I find you have to put explicit instructions on the purple(or astra) label. example No Such number on street. say its for 30 ELM, I'll write "houses go from 24,28,32,38. NO 30" or Vacant lot where #30 should be.
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    This is why I do address corrections on road if possible. If there is a phone number on the package I will call, ask for a clarification of the address and then do the address correction in the DIAD. Our PM clerk does an outstanding job--that's not the issue--if I can take care of it she then has one less to worry about.
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    talk to your local terminal management; they should get a helper in the QA cage to actually do a lookup, call the phone number on the box/shipping label, give you a closest intersecting street, etc...

    I'm guessing the OP is a ground/hd driver & he doesn't have the time to try to find the address/correct it if necessary on the road (if trying to call the # on the package is met with an answering machine).

    I'm also guessing you have the same area everyday? a smartphone can help greatly on the road & avoid that incompetent/ lazy QA person... I do most of the QA stuff myself sometimes, because they're already busy with other code 02s... I ask them if i can use a computer spot/phone & off i go to work!

    when I was an hourly temp, i'll pull over & call the customer 1st, then QA as a last resort before coding it a 02. I've had a handful that had wrong house #'s (shippers' fault) & a few others that share the same zipcodes, but were 15 minutes apart (misplots)
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    yeah i try to do the most i can by my self when my drivers call me i try to locate the address wether by calling the number on the box which is 80% the time a false number or trying to locate on google maps etc. My drivers have been doing the same area for a while and i take their word if they say theres no house by that address. They final put it in that 02's dont count against our service if they actually get changed. Thank god because this used to kill my service percentage. The QA lady is just useless and a miserable person and thinks the little map with a x solves it all. Management does nothing about it they claim she is trying her best which is a joke.
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    Hmm, that's good to know... hopefully it's nationwide...

    that QA lady must be better off doing something else in the warehouse; possibly secretary instead? :slap: if enough of you contractors complain to your management about her poor work performance, & nothing is done to remedy it, step it up to the next person in the chain of command.

    but, if the code 02s are not counted against your service bonus, then don't sweat it that much if your driver actually went to that location & honestly can't find it.

    slight off-topic: can you put your 2 cents into my question?

    thanks in advance!
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    My best advice as a QA clerk myself is to put details next to the service cross; street number doesn't exist, not posted, no such road, etc. Try calling the phone numbers on the box, even if it's out of state; it could be their cell phone. I know a lot of drivers/isps in my station insist that "this is your job, not mine" but that is what the csi bonus is for. I get many calls daily from drivers on the road that need me to look something up or find a phone number for them, and those drivers are the ones that consistently have better service than the previously mentioned.
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    i do that i write down stuff for her all the time and it is still noting. But when i apply the code 02 in the scanner it ask me for the reasoning that doesnt pop up for you as the QA when you reference the tracking #. If you dont mind me asking do you have any % you have to hit of fixxing or anything or are you not held responsible for anything as a QA. Just prints out the map with a X on it saying where it should be. Obviously i know where it should be on the street but im telling her its not there. I dont mind calling the number on the box trying to get it off. One thing i stopped doing was calling in to the terminal to try and find it. first of all it seems like no one is ever their to answer the phone then if i do get someone it takes them for ever to try and find something about the box and when you are delivering sitting waiting for 10 mins for one stop is way to long so no more calling in for my guys.
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    I can't speak for all clerks, but I'm not necessarily bound to a "success percentage" of worked packages. Instead, the P&D manager wants to know if I have any more than 10 service exceptions on any given day. Being that I work in a colocation and my side(HD) services about 3,000 boxes a day, this is roughly .0035%. The beauty of it all is that you can't always get the answers; not everyone is listed, shippers sometimes can't/won't supply phone numbers, and customers don't always respond to post cards in a timely and/or correct manner. It's all an honor system for the clerk which is intended to be tested regularly by station management with periodic audits of all waiting packages in the QA cage.

    Also, the clerk does have access to the information you put in the scanner when you scan an 02/03. The HD side runs a report in the morning called the preliminary qa report; and it details all 02/03 and 06 scans from the previous day. This allows the clerk to work the packages before the driver even shows up at the station in the morning. Ground drivers, for the most part, come back at night so all their lookups are stripped from the trucks and sent to the cage for the clerk to work in the morning.

    It sounds like the clerk in your station needs a lesson in deductive logic. If you tell her that the street number is an issue, then obviously a map is not going to help. The best solution is to try and contact the consignee, confirm or correct the address number, and get the details for the location. Where is the street number posted, what color/style of house, landmarks, unique features, etc. All this information is put into our cardfile computer so it can be easily recalled for any future deliveries to the same location.
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    CJinx, has the fact that more and more people are dropping their landlines in favor of their cellphones and therefore are not listed in the phone books made your job that much more difficult? I know it has made it more difficult to do address corrections on road.
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    It has made my job a little more difficult. Recently while attempting to deliver a TV to a gated home and not wanting a video of me tossing it over the fence go viral, I called the customers # from the label. When he answered, I told him I was at the front gate and needed a signature, he told me he couldn't come to the gate because he was in Hawaii on vavction, about 4000 miles from home! At least I got his OK to DEX17 the package for later delivery commitment.
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    Yes. It is rare that someone is listed on with their cell phone number, they are listed(assuming they are listed!) with their previous landline which is disconnected. If a package had a PO Box and a landline telephone number; you could match up the name with the number and maybe find their street address... Can't do that with a cell phone. For that reason, I advocate calling out of state cell phones in the morning regardless of time zone; they could be in your state and using a non-standard area code. I work on the east coast, I have no issues calling a Cali cell at 7AM EST... Worst case scenario is I end up pissing someone off, not a big deal.
  15. Cactus

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    Thanks to Fred and MT3 with their ridiculous demands we're pissing off customers in record numbers these days.
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    Well I can tell you on the express side of things is when I get back to the station I don't envy the work of the CSA agent with all the dex 03 they have to deal with. It's mind boggling that people have so many problems with the address they provided but hey! More rev-ex for the company.
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    ask your lady, what is the problem, our building we told our clerks to do the right thing. we dont bring you packages you have no job, never had any problems,
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    lol.. That is a naive way to look at it. Clerks do have other responsibilities in addition to helping drivers with problems.

    What's more mind boggling is all the various reasons why. Named driveways, E911 street changes, disputes between the US post office and the city, old rural route addresses post office boxes, roads not recognized by the city, etc.
  19. CJinx

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    At the risk of bumping this ancient topic and veering off course of what it was originally about:
    Ground/HD Guys: Does your station attempt to honor this new post office service? Have you met any success with it or received any push back from post office staff?
  20. I love when I come back with non-delivered packages in the afternoon and am greeted with a "What are you doing bringing back all of those 06s?" .. "Umm, I'm sorry, there were 9 call tags and they only had 4 boxes?" .. Like I bring things back on purpose, come on now, I take pride in my 100% service!