QPR - "Needs Improvement" because Manager reduced my rating!

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by 451, Jul 10, 2016.

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    I work in corner-niche area of ops where the people who are in charge of rating my performance have, honest to God, zero understanding of what I'm doing. I work hard all year and get high metrics on the objective stuff and have well trained people. They come in every time and bring that score way down. I fought it once, letting HR know, not much happened. I'm only a PT supe but will this matter if I apply for internal positions? I see from other forums in here that a lot of folks experience the UPS style injustice that I'm seeing! Sucks.......
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    Yep, management sucks in this regard.
    The newest theory from consultants is that 20% of the workforce (regardless of what type of job) needs to be "improved" or "moved out the door".
    This is all too common in Corporations.
    The problem is that if you have 6 - 8 people working at disparate jobs within a payroll group, 2 of them need to be fired.
    I have been in groups where 10 - 12 people are all high performers.
    It's all a stupid azed silly game. I refused to go along with it and retired after a couple of years.
    I know 2 people who were forced out and both are making more with better benefits.
    It's all just a game.
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    The best way to do well at UPS is to have a poor performing coworker or a coworker the boss doesn't like. It really doesn't matter how good of an employee you are. (Note I said employee and not partner, since none of us below VP is a partner anymore).
  4. 3 of my 4 previous manager had never done the job they were instructing me on how to do it. They were drinking the corporate cool-aid and will do whatever is told to them.
    UPS, pre public, used to be focused on the Customer and the employees, as a tool to satisfy the customers, but now it all about the stock price.
    10 years ago we sat back and watched the competition build a superior network and did not react because of our BRAND name and the fact that we need to maximize profits to bump the stock price.
    Now we are in :censored2: and to get is out we either have drastically cut cost, (union??) or drop a lot of money in our TNT, (profits and Stock Price). Curious to see the direction they take.
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    Yes this will affect your ability to qualify for MCO requisitions.
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    The way corporate is acting it won't be dropping money into our facilities.
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    Yeah, the QPRs are pretty much worthless. This past year my objective, measurable goals put me on the high end of strong performer. But they decided they had too many strong performers so they knocked a bunch of us down to fully acceptable. What is the point of a QPR and measurable goals if you don't receive the score (and raise) you earned?? The bell curve model is bull:censored2:. If you have a lot of strong performers, then you have a lot of people who worked really hard for you or you set bad goals. Either way, they achieved the goals they were given. Artificially knocking down their ratings just drives us out the door to other companies.
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    Aren't you the payroll lady?
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    Maybe they should raise the bar a little higher
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    He does work in payroll.