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    Hey all,

    I've been temp driving for 2 years now and never had an incident/accident since I started. Supervisor comes up to me today and says I'm up next for full-time but won't be able to hire me on till next year being that it's temp season. Also said if I were to get into any kind of accident or damage to the truck that I would be dropped back down the totem pole for FT drivers even though I've been qualified for some time now.. This doesn't make any sense. What's the point of being qualified if by some chance you scrape something or dent the truck by accident you're right back at the bottom. Kind of makes me not want to temp drive just to be on the safe side in case someone hits me by accident and I'm deemed responsible for it.. Is this true at all?
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    Just do your job and don't hit anything.

    Congrats on the promotion.
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    They are trying to make you aware that you have no power, you're at their mercy. It's an ego-trip thing for management.
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    Did I miss a memo somewhere???

    Is it stupid question day???
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    To tell you the truth is you get into an accident or hurt your fault or not as a temp driver / seasonal driver you most likely will not be working for UPS again. They will lay you off as they do every year at the end of the season and then will not call you back next year or any year after that.

    It has nothing to do with you as a person it's just that your now a liability. They do the same thing with seasonal people working inside the building and as driver helpers. You get hurt you wont be working for UPS again.