Quebec National Day June 24

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    24 June
    Today is the national day of Québec, and an official state holiday there, with everyone getting the day off work.

    The actual name for today is "St-Jean-Baptiste Day" (St John the Baptist Day) or Fete Nationale des Québecois (Québec National Celebration.) St John is the national patron saint.

    The big parade is held in Montréal; smaller ones are held in other centres. On the last float in the parade, there is a blonde, curly-haired child wearing sheepskin (representing St John), carrying a cane and a lamb (this tradition started in 1866.) Other allegorical floats in the parade represent various tales from the nation's history. In older days, after the parade, people used to go back to their church halls for large meals, then music, dancing and bonfires ("feux de joie".)

    Now, the churches have mostly disappeared from the celebrations, but the outdoor events remain with performances and sports throughout the country accompanied by flag-raising ceremonies. Picnics are held, and streets are closed off for street parties. In the evenings leading up to the day, there will be outdoor performances of song and dance, and fireworks and bonfires in some places.

    The bonfires may hearken *way* back to mid-summer pre-Christian traditions. One tradition is that if you jump over a bonfire with the person you're sweet on, you'll be married within the year.

    Celebrate today with poutine québecoise and tourtière (mind you, the Québecois may well be ordering pizza for themselves while you're doing that.)
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    Today, June 19th is Juneteenth Day in the US (Celebrated mostly in Texas, since it's a State Holiday there).

    Today , in 1865 (145 years ago), the Union Soldiers went into Texas, and told the Slaves they are now free.
    And actually 2 years later when slavery has been abolished earlier nationwide.
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    Never heard it called this before

    Juneteenth Day is a reason to celebrate in many areas in the US.
    It is also called Freedom Day or Emancipation Day. Is dating back in 1865 when Major Gordon Granger told everyone that the enslaved were free. People celebrate on Juneteenth the end of slavery.
    It almost became a national holiday.
    For black people, the 19th of June is a very important day and almost 36 states celebrate it. There will be many free of cost events that will begin in the morning and will last until late in the evening. Juneteenth activities are sponsored by organizations like Henry Ford Museum and Smithsonian.
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    I only know what they said earlier on CNN, and they said the Texan slaves were the last to be freed, when the Union soldiers walked in.
    Like I said , according to a CNN report I watched earlier today.
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    May one day those poor people of Québec achieve freedom from their oppressors.
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    Well there you go Hoax. If it was reported on CNN, it must be true.
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    The people of Quebec have had 2 opportunities to "achieve freedom from their oppressors".Once in 1980,and again in 1995.
    Both times a referendum was held,and both times the people voted to remain Canadian,although it was very close.

    Vive un Canada uni