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    This month's SFA poster deals with Question 17 of the SFA, which is "Does FedEx Follow It's P-S-P Philosophy?". Were they following it for the last 10 years when they killed your retirement, kept your wages and benefits stagnant during years of record profits, and gave millions in salary and perks to top executives? Did they follow it when they purchased a huge fleet of corporate jets by which to cater to powerful politicians and the FedEx elite or when they outsourced your work? The answer would be a resounding NO.

    These days, what passes for P-S-P is truly pathetic. Look at the list of "accomplishments" that Memphis is collectively patting themselves on the back for. Wow, we got our puny 401k program reinstated and a tiny raise. Nobody got laid-off, but they slashed hours and cut wages through a number of methods. They also upped your insurance co-pays and minimums and cut the list of decent health and mental care providers, but give themselves credit for not increasing health care costs to the employee...HUH??

    If Mr Blankenship loses his job at his union-killing (and people-killing) coal company, he'll be welcomed with open arms at FedEx because he's their kind of guy. Just look at how well his version of P-S-P works in the mining industry. Smith is doing the same thing to us, and always has. We're not much different than those poor coal miners who had their union busted. Their boss pays-off politicians too, and then hires famous author Homer Hickam as a coal company spokesperson to deflect criticism of the industry. This is right out of the Fred Smith anti-union , anti-worker playbook.

    P-S-P is meaningless, except as an extinct philosophy that FedEx is still trying to peddle as legitimate. Keep trying, Fred. You suck.