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    I have a question. I have been reading about the 22.3 jobs not being filled. Are they get rid (laying off) of the 22.3 job or are the employees retiring? And if they are laying off, does the employee get to go back driving? I can't see how they can just lay a person off when there are people with less seniority still employed driving.:sick:
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    No laid off 22.3's here. And none of our 22.3 guys were ever drivers. It takes more seniority to become a 22.3 here than it does to become a driver.

    However, I dream of demoting myself from driver to 22.3 someday. Hopefully in 10 years or so that opportunity will come up. Unless I'm in feeder by then.
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    None of the 22.3 jobs are being rebid here in ENE or NNE. If a 22.3 retires, bids out, or basically if any job is vacated, it is not rebid and disappears.
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    120 lost at dfw airport tx. lost night sort taking out 80 the rest of us just got ax. We were replaced by two parters and have been force to only to pick from preload/sunrise for first shift and then come back to work twilight. company willl not let us work noon day....well they let feeder driver take what ever shift..Complete violation of article 48. Also we are not alowed to work either of the eam or oca part time driving. This took place back in jan. of 09. they are trying everything they can to get us to quit or fire us. This is going on all over. national kick back grev. and is dead locked every time. The company did agree back in june to file vac. 22.3 jobs, but i have been told from contacts at other hubs and they said they have not filled any of them. We have a couple of 22.3 jobs left that went vac. this yr and they just fill them with part timers.
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    Sounds like we need to unionize doesn't it? Oh wait........
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    maybe we should join up with SEIU ?
    They seem to be the most powerful union around.
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    We've had about 25-30 22.3 jobs that have not been re-bid. So I would hold your breath.

    Best bet is to go to feeders.
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    Same here in Central Ohio.
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    lol don't hold your breath! lol better off opening mouth! you know the ups way, the speeky wheel gets the oil. have to say i have meet a lot of combos from all over with same issue. 22.3's need to stick together and force change threw unity.
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    yeah that's what i meant! DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH
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    Article 22.3:
    " The parties agree that providing part-time employees the opportunity to become full time employees is a priority of this agreement.Accordingly the employer commits that during the life of this agreement,it will offer part-time employees the opportunity to fill at least twenty thousand (20,000)permanent full-time job openings throughout its operations covered by this agreement.
    The number of full-time jobs created under Article 22,Section 3 of 1997-2002 and the 2002-2008 agreements shall not be reduced .Within sixty (60) days of the ratification of this agreement the employer shall provide the International Teamsters Union a report detailing and identifying the full-time jobs which will need to be maintained pursuant to this paragraph."

    Well where are they? Is the number at least 20K ? Check the IBT and the TDU websites.No numbers there.I know the company knows and not telling and it is not the required amount. Maybe "Integrity" who has been huanting the BC can give an accurate accounting.
  12. Brown287

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    I'm curious to know if the 22.3 position has ran its course. New contract new issues, here in Nor-Cal Dist. from what I have seen is that all but a handful have been eliminated. I remember when the position first came around and the talk was about how easy it was, maybe that was the problem. If theres one thing this economic downturn has shown UPS, its how much more we all will do when forced to.
  13. Red Dawn

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    Good question. I don't think they are anywhere close to the 20k. One thing is that although they took our jobs and gave them to part timers, along with our combo pay. They still get to keep us on their list as combos. I'm sure come next contract we will be gone. My guess is that the union traded combos for pension.

    Thing that sucks the most is we have clear language to protect us under article 48 and the letter of understanding (fine print in back of book, pg 245) but yet here we are.
  14. PT Stewie

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    The point is if you judged the amount of 22.3 jobs by what you read on BC there is not the 20K as per the contract. And the questions is why can't the average IBT member find out how many there really are.
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    I think the problem is that UPS tries to say that they have "relocated" the jobs to another area of the country. When the IBT tries to get info on where these jobs went to, they are told they have moved again. It is a classic shell game.

    The other problem is that there is no language to prevent this in the contract. They only have to keep 20,000 total combo jobs. We know they aren't even doing that. This issue needs to go to arbitration so the accounting of jobs can be enforced. At least we should be able to win that part of the language if we can't keep them from moving them...

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    TDU has stated a few times during 2009 that they feel there are less than 15,000 of the postitions filled. I echo what has been said above. The protections for these positions are in writing yet the union is doing absolutely nothing to protect or recover the jobs in question. Carey pushed for full-time.....not a Hoffa issue. He doesn't care. Not a priority. But who knows what really goes on behind closed doors.
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    CHARLIE RICH Behind Closed Doors

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    I agree with you on shell game...but it seems like the IBT isn't even trying to play. I have yet to hear or read anything form them to sugest to they even care. Once that pension got paid, we got the shaft. We tried to get local to request list from IBT and they shut everyone that has ask down!? Makes one wounder why.

    I guess we will see down here. We found small print that could give back 22.3 pay to the 120 "laid off" combos that are doing same job just different shifts. The local didn't like that we alll filled.. Not sure why.You would think they would be excited about fighting for us. I don't know why they were mad other than they don't want to fight or it's the fact that they didn't find this.
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    .....and there are rumors of the company going on a "union busting" campaign in 2010? Doesn't look like the company will have to exert itself.

    Looks like the union will bust itself.