Question about an old timer that can't really work anymore...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by msuspar2003, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. msuspar2003

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    I work at an air hub on a PD belt loading trailers and have a guy who is 70 years old on my belt. He loads oh maybe 30-40 packages an hour (No Joke) and also does second pick off (only has to sort 2 trailers) and can't even do that right with out stopping the belt 20-25 times in a shift. My question is how is this guy still working at UPS and not fired or asked to quit. Granted he has been with the company I think 15 years but he can't perform any job at least 50%. We are already short staffed and he is keeping us from getting someone who can perform the job a lot better.

    Any thoughts anyone?
  2. toonertoo

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    No thoughts really except maybe he is doing the best he can, and if they have not yet found a way to fire him they will. You will be there some day too. There is something in the contract about age and physical condition. I can see someone complaining about someone working slow, and the added burden really, but this when the age is the first thing you mention..I just wonder where humility went. Do you want to be working at 70 and have some youngster telling you that you suck?
  3. robot

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    Cut gramps some slack!
  4. msuspar2003

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    Yeah I understand where you are coming from but at 70 I hope to be retired haha. If I had to work at 70 I don't think I would be working this physical of a job. The supervisor told me that they tried putting him in different areas of the hub but everyone gets sick of him. Now its been a year and he is still with us. I just wish they would get rid of him so we can get someone to at least load 300 an hour which isnt even normal vs. his 30-40 an hour So everyone on my belt wouldn't have to babysit him to break a jam or fix his scanner and so on. He can't fill out a CSA test without copying from someone. He has no idea what goes in his trailer just scans the boxes without looking. Sometimes scans the other bar code on the box and beeps like he already scanned it so loads it without actually scanning it. Haha One of the Irreg workers had a box that went in his trailer and asked him to make sure it went in there and his answer was "hmm ask one of the other guys".

    It really just gets old having to deal with him day after day.
  5. toonertoo

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    Im sure it gets old. But he probably doesnt have any other way to survive. At 70 there are not alot of places looking for your help. I am between a rock and a hard place on this. I see your discomfort and distress, but I see 20 yr old guys who cant do what I do, and I would rather work with someone who cared a little to at least make an effort, than someone who cares not at all. You sound like a great worker and welcome to browncafe!
  6. msuspar2003

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    He is rich. He says he only works to get away from the wife. His wife and him own some company.
  7. klein

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    Wait till you turn mid 30's or 40's. You'll see new teenagers on the job, that don't even perform half the job you once did. Or even worse, you currently do.
    That's when it gets more sickining. Trust me.
  8. toonertoo

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    I think I agree with you, now thats scary!
  9. msuspar2003

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    yikes dont want to think about that haha. I just hate the fact that hey we only work a few hours a day. Why can't everyone just work hard for a few hours. I actually look at my job as going to the gym haha. Keeps me in shape and save money by not paying for a gym membership.
  10. klein

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    Yes, and the old fart looks at it, as an extra stash of money, and a get-away from home and wife. Just for something to do.
    I do feel sorry for you. Been there myself, too.
  11. msuspar2003

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    Oh it's cool don't have to feel sorry for me. Life goes on and I will live haha. It's just to the point where this guy needs to think about everyone on our belt rather than himself now.
  12. outta hours

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    My thoughts, since you asked, would be for you to mind your own business. Do your job, and unless you are a supervisor don't worry about the performance of others. Article 37 sec. 1 states" that the employer will give due consideration to the age & physical condition of the employee." It also states that employees will treat each other with dignity & respect.

    The "old guy" may have multiple reasons why he is still at UPS. None of which are any of your business. I'm sure he cares little about your speculation or unhappiness with his performance. As for everyone else helping him out with his work, I suggest you read the book Tom Sawyer. The "old guy" may be smarter than all of you. :wink2:
  13. dillweed

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    tooner, with all respect I'm suprised and disappointed that you feel between a rock and a hard place. In such a position we do the best we can and let others do the same. It's the rule of UPS. We have folks who are not as physically strong as others, we have folks who don't care and we have folks who are such management suckbutts that they don't have to work hard.

    It's up to the powers to decide what to do with each and every employee. It's not our problem if they slow down the belt, want to stay for extra money or to get away from the wife.

    I'm a 53 year old sorter who's been with UPS for 16 years. I've given them blood, sweat and tears so they dammmmed well give me some slack as I get older and, yep, slower. Would they like to replace me with a younger, faster employee making less than half the money? Probably, but the age and physical condition card is tucked away and will be pulled out if and when necessary. At this time my numbers fall right in the middle between the busters and the slackers.

    And as for YOU, kid - You could be more productive yourself if you stopped watching and whining about what others are doing. Old coots like myself often see young whippersnappers like you and just smile. We are above and beyond needing your approvel, trust me on this one. Meanwhile, we take our generous paychecks, pick our vacations first and bump your little buns off the personal day list. :happy-very:
  14. dillweed

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    outta hours! We were typing at the same time. Thanks for helping to bring some common sense to the thread.haha
  15. 705red

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    Maybe the guy need the medical for himself or his wife, maybe he dpesnt need the money. Have you ever got a prescription before you started working at UPS? Not that we should have to explian it to you because you should really worry about yourself. I would not talk about him to your sups either. UPS cannot fire him because of his age, have you ever herad of age discrimination?

    Do your job to the best of your ability and stop being a drama queen!
  16. Yourteamsux

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    Once again it's UPS @ it's finest!!!! Instead working with someone to make them successful, we are setting yet another UPSer up for failure... What the flip are we thinking about here partners??????????????????????????????
  17. diesel96

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    Wow...He's my idol....:peaceful:
  18. BROWN430

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    When I'm 70 I just hope I can still get up in the morning. Just do your job and stop worrying about everyone else.
  19. happybob

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    You will eventually get old. What you do with the early years of your life will dictate if you can retire at an earlier age than this gentleman has. The reasons for his still working is noones business but his own. You do realize that he has put in many years of work during his lifetime, may even be a veteran that put his life on the line to allow this coutry to be as great as it is, may even be a war hero for all we know. He has paid his dues. Respect your elders, for you will one day be an elder looking for that same respect.
  20. NHDRVR

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    Are you mad because he's old or beacuse he's faster than you...