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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by leroy lee, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. leroy green

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    i was curious as to how long it took some of you guys to get a call back when applying for a part time job for UPS online? i've done it 3 times now every 60 days or so and never heard anything, even though it always shows openings.

    my other question is, it tells me that i will go through some application process where it asked for my education and work history, but it never does, it takes me to a screen that says "congradulations" and it says nothing else needs to be done. it does take me to a screen that ask if i have reliable transportation, at least 18 years of age and a legal citezen, and what shift i want to work, but thats it. so where is the application? i click on my job inquiry and it shows "pending" under status. then when i select it, it tells me there is nothing i need to do.

    just wondering if this is normal?
  2. thebrownbox

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    hmm when I applied online they gave me a time to come in, went in and did a 3-part talking and so on then was hired.. I never had a issue.
  3. leroy green

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    i didn't have that luck, it just says pending for status, and i never filled out an "application", i've done this 3 times already, even put in a false ssn just to see if maybe i missed something and it did the same thing. it never took me to any application process.

    all i know is that it still says they are hiring and it has for a year now.
  4. LKLND3380

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    As son as they are ready to set up an appointment you will be notified
  5. brownrodster

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    I never got a call back.

    I went back onto the website and it gave me a time and date to come in for an interview.
  6. leroy green

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    i ws just urious, because i've applied 3 times in the last 6 months as the keep the app for 60 days, but they alays say they have openings, and i never get to fill out a real application, it just tells me that nothing else needs to be done, but it stays pending the entire 60 days, so i just wanted to know if anyone else had that issue?
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  8. brownrodster

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    dude you need to go back onto the website to get your time/date for an interview. they do not call anyone.
  9. leroy green

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    i did, it just says pending. when i went to ship a package the other day, i asked about it, the lady there said it took 3 weeks for her to get a response online, i told her how long it took me to not get one and she was surprised.

    but like i said, i did the thing online, never filled out an app.
  10. leroy green

    leroy green New Member

    i did man, i even went as far as using a fake SSN number so i could apply again online, and i made sure i picked the opposite shift from the previous one i picked with my real SSN and it still said there was nothing else i needed to do. i'll keep checking back. not sure why they would say they have openings if they dont.
  11. thebrownbox

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    Yeah they don't call when you see the date and time for the interview YOU have to go in to start it they will not call at all.
  12. leroy green

    leroy green New Member

    well, i have been checking it out daily, still says pending, its been the same for 6 months now and they always say they are hiring, that is why i wasn't sure if i did something wrong. i even created multiple accounts and applied for both shifts and i still see "pending". can't say i didn't try. i hear from everyone else and they say they waited about 3 weeks before they got a response.
  13. Channahon

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    I admire your tenacity to get hired on at UPS, but
    you reapplied with a fake social security number? That in itself could be the problem. There are background chekcs that are done prior to employment. Using 2 different social security numbers is not a good thing.

    Have you ever had a job before? I imagine an employer who sess the same personal information with 2 different social security numbers may be suspicious of the applicant. Just my thoughts and opinions.
  14. leroy green

    leroy green New Member

    you have a point, but i used the same social for 6 months before trying a different one, just to see if the other shift would come up and it didn't. i have been at my current job for 8 years. they can run a background check, its all clean. i was just interested in the part time gig for the benefits, nothing more unless it came down to it.

    like i said, i've tried for a while now, with ONE SSN, so i doubt that is the issue. i canjust say i entered it in wrong and redid my app with another SSN. they dont ask you for your SSN twice, so i'm pretty sure its a common mistake.