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    I went for my interview today for a job as a feeder driver i was kind of perplexed when i was told the job payed $20.00 per hr to start It will be from oct 1st -dec 31st then i will have first dibbs at f/t positions If i am hired f/t my pay drops to i think she said 14 something per hr for a year then 16 ????" and then scale after 2 1/2 yrs isnt this kind of a ss backwards my questions are anyone know what the actual figures are and what are the chances of actually getting hired f/t as a feeder driver
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    oh yeah im from the chicago area
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    temp feeder should get paid the same amount as reg feeders during that period. chance of get a f/t job depend on your location.
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    :confused:1 Wouldn't a F/T package driver who is on the list to go feeder be ahead of some temp seasonal driver?
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    You will have first dibbs IF the position is turned down by an hourly... The teamster master agreement says something like for every 6 promoted from within, UPS may hire one person off the street such as you...

    If you are asked to stay on after Dec 31, then January 2, 2008 will be the first day of your 30 day probationary period and January 2, 2008 will be your official hire date...