Question about combo jobs:

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  1. UnsurePost

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    Since FT 22.3 combo jobs are two part-time jobs put together:

    If you are an inside/outside 22.3, are you guaranteed 3 hours of air as a P/Ter is?

    Have there been any grievances resolved because of issues like this?
  2. brett636

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    I am an outside/inside combo PM air driver, and I have not seen this issue brought up as all of our routes run over 3 hours, with most running 4-4.5 hours. I know my inside full time supervisors tried to make sure I was getting at least 4 hours on my first shift so they don't have to keep me late on my second. I would think the 3 hour rule would apply to combo workers as well, but this is again an issue that needs to be grieved and will probably take years to figure out.
  3. UnsurePost

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    I need to grieve it then. HOwever, the union already said they weren't backing me. It's really outrageous things up here.
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    our mgr agreed to spilt the time 4 &4
  5. UnsurePost

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    I asked center manager and he said he could work me 7 hours 59 min, 1 min Air driving, if he wanted. Lead steward agrees. Your mgr seems reasonable.