question about d/r in apartment complex.

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  1. DownsizedUPS'er

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    just curious about the d/r policy in apartment complexes. i know it is peak. and i know abut send agains and numbers and everything that goes with the delivery. but, is UPS now d/r in apartment complexes? i was driving through an apartment complex yesterday, and saw the driver jump, run, drop, run. i was driving through the complex looking for a lost dog (not mine) so i was this happen a number of times, along with boxes sitting by front doors. i am not saying anything about the driver, but just asking if that policy has been lifted. thanks.
  2. dilligaf

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    We are told we can DR in a gated complex. Use your best judgement. I know of many apt complexes that are safe to DR in both gated and ungated. And they are some that are just the opposite as well. If you can get the pkg inside a screen door where it isn't seen works. Or on a back porch that is secluded from the neighbors.
  3. dannyboy

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    Generally speaking, no. We do not DR apartment complex buildings.

    That being said, there are several exceptions.

    One being Basic service packages. Those are DRable just about everywhere.

    The next exception, it would seem that there are some managers that tell their drivers to leave the packages. In that case, they get left.

    Another reason they got left, the driver has several signed delivery notices for the customer, because they get stuff all the time.

    Also, in multiple dwellings, some have very private entrances, making a safe delivery area for DR. Usually these are very upscale and not that common.

    Then the last is the out of control driver. I have had to represent several over the last years. They take it upon themselves to just leave the things in the hallways, at the front doors etc. Not that common, but it happens.

    Any one of the above could be what you saw.

    But again, as a rule of thumb, no DR's at apartments

  4. scratch

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    If it is gated, then it is supposed to be alright. If we have a UPS Basic, then it can be left anywhere, businesses included. I don't think that this is good policy though. I did have an EAM letter this morning at a gated apartment. Nobody answered my knock, so I slid it under the door and left an Infonotice outside.
  5. dilligaf

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    danny is right, the generaal rule is no DR in apt complexes. Per the new contract language mgt has to provide upon request a list of areas that are not to be DR'd. You can ask your mgt team for a list.
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    The new procedure is ---- You can DR to an apt as long as the common door is one that is locked. You have to be buzzed in or have a key to enter. Basic serice are packages that we deliver to the local post office. We do not deliver them to the consignee.
  7. upsdude

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    Yes we do. Some go to the PO, many go to the consignee. Basic packages are good for about 25 stops a day for me, at peak.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Please don't post what you appear to know nothing about. Basic pkgs are delivered to both the P.O. and to the consignee. This difference is based upon the Zip Code. I deliver in the city and deliver quite a few Basic pkgs.

    D/R ing pkgs in apt complexes requires common sense on the part of the driver. As mentioned above, deliveries to gated communities or complexes that have controlled entry can be DRed with no problem. Deliveries to other apt complexes should not be DRed but most veteran drivers know their areas well enough to make that decision. Keep in mind that claims resulting from a DR in an unsecured apt complex may result in you paying the claim. I learned this the hard way--$20/week for 6 weeks for a pair of basketball sneakers which I didn't even get to wear.

    Peak does create a sense of urgency and the temptation may be to unsafely DR in order to not have the send again but you still must follow the methods, even during Peak.
  9. dannyboy

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    And there in lie many problems. As many have seen, some of our newer drivers lack any sense at all, much less common.

    Best way to stay out of trouble is to follow your center's written policy. Verbal instructions are alright if it is done in a group setting. One on one instructions .........well, if it differs from the written instructions, get clarification from the next manager up the line.

  10. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    To add to my above post, drivers are held accountable and may have to reimburse UPS for claims in which the value of the pkg exceeds $100. However, this policy is not in effect for D/R s to apartments--you may be asked to reimburse no matter the value if it is a "bad D/R."

    We are required to sign a driver release certification form annually and among the items on this form are deliveries to apt complexes.
  11. dilligaf

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    Also, it helps to know the apt mgrs. If you can get in good with the mgrs many will take the pkgs. I have one mgr (they have 3 different complexes) that I know well and I know what apt they live in so if there are pkgs for the office or residents, I know where to take them.

    Some offices will take pkgs, some won't.
  12. nobber

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    Upstate, I agree that some basic pkgs are delivered to the consignee, but they are not "Basic" pkgs or the driver is making a mistake. UPS Basic service is delivered to the PO period...... #2 there is no dollar amount listed (unless its in your local rider) about charging a driver for a bad DR. Any amount can be charged, most CMs dont take the time or trouble to charge a driver. #3 The rules for DR are simple, no matter if your a veteran driver or not. There is no gray area. If you can't follow the rules, don't leave it. Walk next door just like the old days. Most drivers don't pay attention to PCM's, they will pick up bits and pieces here and there and apply what another driver believes what was said. So please refrain with your comments about commenting on things I know nothing about. I have been with UPS much longer then you and have forgotten more then you will ever learn. I read alot of your post replies and sometimes wonder how you can spew your wisdom with such confidence. Sit back, watch and listen. Maybe, just maybe someone else is corect
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Noober, with all due respect, you are WRONG about Basic pkgs, unless the 30 or 40 that I delivered Friday to individual addresses were all labeled "Basic" in error. Basic service is based upon your Zip Code as to whether they go to the PO or to the consignee.

    Also, contractually we are on the hook for pkgs valued $100 or more, but this value is waived for a bad DR, which is what I had said in my earlier post.

    As far as your little speech goes, save it for your grandchildren.
  14. trplnkl

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    As I understand it there are two types of basic packages, the one that goes to the PO and the one that goes to the consignee directly. I'm not too sure the zip has much to do with the difference though. Here we deliver both types and the zip is the same. The difference is where the package is addressed to. The ones addressed to the consignee are shipper release and are to be left without signature even if it is in a non-DR area or stop.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    This quote was posted by a BD person in another thread:

    basic - ups delivers 80% of the volume, USPS 20%

    you need a ton of volume to get basic pricing, though.
  16. beentheredonethat

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    There definitely are two types of Basic Pkgs. It is based on the ultimate consignees zip code. The two digit svc indicator in the bar code will show PP for a Basic pkg that is delivered by the man\woman in Brown. A PT code indicates the pkg will be delivered by UPS to the USPS and then they deliver the final leg. The customer's computer program gets a file of the listing of zips that go to the USPS. roughly 1/2 the zips have pkgs go to the USPS, but that only accounts for rougtly 1/4 of the pkgs. There are exceptions at some customers, where the pkg will get delivered by the UPS driver when for other customers the pkg is delivered the final leg by the USPS.

    Note, besides the svc indicator in the bar code, the two types of basic pkgs look different from each other, a UPS basic, looks more like a grd label, a USPS basic label has the extra info for the USPS to deliver the pkg.
  17. filthpig

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    If the apartments are fancy, I DR that bitch. If they're in 'da hood, I leave a note.
  18. Cobra Agent

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    I have been delivering to an app complex that totally sucks. It is gated and secure. The management of the complex will not allow me to leave the packages in the office with out first making an attempt at the apartment. After an attempt has been made at the apartment and an info notice has been left then and only then can we release the packages at the office. We had LP and others come to the complex and said it was safe to release the packages since it is a very secure complex. After LPs conclusion, we were then advised by the complex's management that under no circumstance are we to leave any package for any reason out side any appartment door. This is so freakin frustraing this complex has 10 different buildings spanning three different streets, each building has 4 floors and no elevators. Friday I had 55 stops for this complex and it took me 3.5 hours to get this complex done. The office closes at 5 oclock so any packages that can't be delivered after 5 has to be brought back to the building and reattempted the next day because they will not allow us to leave them at the office the next day unless we leave an info notice the same day.

    Why should we have to go through all this crap when when 90% of the packages go back to the office anyways. But I work as instructed and climb the 4 flights of stairs to each building one step at a time and get some good mp3 quaility time.
    I hate this complex
  19. dannyboy

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    Upstate is correct, you are mistaken in your understanding of Basic.

    In my town, there are 2-4 packages delivered to the post office. those instructions are on the box. some are PO box addys, others we drive right by to get to the post office.

    there are anywhere from 20-50 Basic packages that are directly delivered to the customers home addy each day. And those packages have no restrictions on them as safe or not.

    All that they ask of us as professional drivers is to leave it in a safe spot, and in a bag if needed, just like any other package we would leave. Only difference is we can leave these at places we can not leave regular packages

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I've always wondered about something. Why does'nt USPS pick up ALL the packages destined for them at each UPS location, then what you would have left is only the basic packages we are required to deliver to consignee.

    If I'm not mistaken,FDX does not touch any USPS packges USPS bring all containers to FDX ramp and picks up all containers at destinations. They use FDX system to move packages and it ends there. Besides I could do without delivering to Post Office, those are some of the most unhappy people on earth.