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  1. I started as a reload employee, and a 2nd year TCD. My center manager brought me on as a EAM driver a few weeks ago. So that is now my official job title, but I'm still a TCD. Since then I haven't gotten any hours since I was bumped off my TCD route by a full timer. My question is, if I request to go into preload as a double shift from 4am - 8am, am I still entitled to my 3 hour guarantee after preload is over ? Can't find this language in the contract. Thx
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    You want to work the preload and run EAMs? What is the commit time in your area on the EAMs?

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  3. Depends on the location, I normally get 4 or 5 12'oclock commits. Or just wait until the PCM over and take some 10:30s off some drivers. I'm just trying to get some more money rolling in. Believe me I don't "want" to work preload.
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    It sounds as though you may be on the preload and running air until we start gearing up for Peak.
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    What is the reload?
  6. A twilight shift. 5 pm to 9.
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    My hub calls it the twilight sort. Never heard reload used.
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    If you get bumped as a tcd, the only guarantee you get is three hours at your inside rate.

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    Inside guarantee is 3 1/2 hours.
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    You can't just request to work preload as a double shifter. There has to be a need and is then offered by seniority. You can transfer to the preload if there is an opening and then run air after the sort. We have several pre loaders do that and it works out very well for them. Work is still offered by seniority so check out who else is running air.
  11. A reload is a smaller operation that doesn't have a night sort. You at also correct it's a twilight sort.
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    Is this in an out lying center that is not part of a hub?
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    We call it the "local sort". Runs from about 6:20 - 9:30pm. Where I paid my dues for 5.5 years before finally getting the driving gig.
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    Unless it's an air operation. Otherwise it's only three. At least in my supplement.
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    Art. 40 air ops is 3 hour guarantee. Ground hubs are 3 1/2. I believe it is the master.