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    I plan on giving my 2 weeks notice to UPS Monday night. I worked Friday April 1rst for about 3.5 hours. I want to make sure my family has benefits for the month of April as my benefits from my new job do not kick in until May 1rst. I have heard conflicting reports on how it works. Some people say that you have 30 days from you last day you have worked, while others say you have to work 1 full day any month and you are only good for that month.. So if I quit March 29th, I would only have benefits for the remainder of March. Now that I have worked a day in April, I should be good. But since I have only worked 3.5 hours in April, would I have to work .5 more to reach a "full 4 hour day"?. FYI when people work in my hub and give their 2 weeks they are sent home right away, so I am trying to safeguard myself.
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    If you give your two weeks notice that would put you two weeks in to April so you should be set (unless they accept your resignation immediately).
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    Every H&W plan has its own rules, as spelled out in its Confusing Plan Document. The plain english version is in the Summary Plan Description that was sent to you. The SPD may also be available on your H&W Plan's website. Look under Coverage, Continuation of Coverage and Termination of Coverage.
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    UPS can not terminate you for giving a two week notice. And they can't send you home after you have reported for duty. Talk to your Steward in advance to put a stop to this practice. If they fire you, file for lost wages.

    And tell your fellow workers that if UPS has Supervisors working after abruptly fireing you, that UPS shouldn't be allowed to claim they are shorthanded. As usual, it's their own fault they were shorthanded.
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    The new health insurance law will also have a bearing on how long your insurance is paid, as will your local agreement. Here, it is 7 days.