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    Ok, so I've been a loader for nearly a month, & I've gotten much better at recognizing salt packages and SLIC origins, etc. Typically when I'd misload a package my supe will notify me within a few mins and I'd find it no prob. Now, the other day my supervisor shows me a sheet that I had a misload from Sept 21st, & I was confused as to why they didn't catch it right away, & I wasn't notified about it 2 weeks after the fact? Does this happen alot where a misloaded package simply slips through unnoticed?
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    Usually if I'm not told about them the follow work day, I never hear about them. Of course if someone is missloading daily, they will keep track of them and maybe let you know your weekly total. It really just depends on your supervisors and what their boss has to say about it.

    On another note, if your confident in your loading accuracy, you could always check with the driver about the package/s in question. Although, two weeks may be a bit out of his or her memory by now, so this only works the day after. (Heck, I was talking to a driver today and he couldn't remember if he worked yesterday.) If the missload was not your fault, i.e. bad pal, double pal, etc... he or she can clear it up with a steward or supervisor. I remember one time I got eleven, turns out all but one of them were a bad address and bad pal. Seems the driver/s were not trained on keying in bad pals on the DIAD so they were registering them as off areas.
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    We are directed to send in any misloads through the DIAD. We access the misload communication screen, scan the barcode and let them know if we can or cannot run off the package. There is also space to add comments, such as "Bad Pal".

    This is why it is so important for the loader to compare the PAL to the physical address label before loading them.
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    Dave if it was that important then wouldnt it make more sense to start the preload earlier to give these part timers a fair chance to keep up so they can check the packages properly???
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    Defeats the cost-saving purpose of pass
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Banning cell phones on the preload would also help.
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    Cell phones are banned in BLack River. No help.
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    How do you "compare' label with the PAL if the PAL is placed right over the address.

    How about the loader loading 350Pgs per car times 4.... in the typical 3 hour shift in my building this would give my loader 7.7 seconds to grab package off slide, rotate package to find label, rotate again to find PAL, walk to correct truck, place package on correct shelf, leave truck and start process again. While following work methods. At this point I am happy if the packages are on the correct side of truck.
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    I was told once that labels should be checked in order to prevent loading bad PAL's. A shop steward overheard this supervisor talking and asked if she was high. Not sure about his choice of words, but he had a point. It's just insane to think that preloaders can check the packages, especially if they are marking the packages like their supposed to. Maybe some buildings have a slower unload, I'm only speaking from what I've seen from the best in my building. There just isn't enough time.

    Also, point taken. Please forgive me for using the incorrect technical language, I'm just going off of what a driver tried to explained to me once. No matter the means, I know that in some way or another management is alerted by the drivers as to what happened in missload cases. My previous shift supervisor would usually tell me in the morning if I had any bad PAL's. (I'm sure like many issues this may be building specific.)
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    Everytime I send in a mislead through the DIAD when it asks me If I can deliver I always put no. I am a dumb driver, I let it fall on the office to tell me what to do.