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    In my center they are offering days off to upper drivers every single week. Is this something that is normal? I woudlnt mind it that bad but being the low guy its making things extremely difficult for me. All its doing is getting me in 1 day a week and I just dont see how thats fair. Either let me take the bump and go find other work till they NEED me, or get me hours. Is there anything I can do about this? The Union says the guys usually want to work is what they said to me which really didnt answer a freakin thing for me. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I think it is to keep the less seniors working, but either lay them off or let them work so you can plan your budget. Been there done that.
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    Seniority give you the right to work not to not work.

    What do you mean by only one day a week?? Are you a FT driver ?? If so show up and tell them to find you something to do. IF they say your off then you must be laid off unless you agree to be off if your not agreeing to take the days off go file a unemployment claim and collect. In most states you can work PT and still collect. When you go to the unemployment office and they ask you why your filing tell them it's for lack of work.

    Also read you supplement on the days your not driving you might be able to work on the inside.


    See thats the thing. Im a full time driver, but Im the low guy in seniority. They post the schedule and my status is ON-CALL all the time. So I cant do a D*** thing and Im really getting sick and tired of it. I cant work PT cause I have no inside seniority I already tried that route. So like I said Im sitting here getting the bone while drivers say OH I want such and such day off, OH we can get him in for 1 freaking day. It really gets on my nerves thinking about it. Is posting me as ON CALL even something thats suppose to be done? NOBODY gives me answers to this bull crap NOT EVEN THE UNION thats why Im getting POED about it!
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    I would love to work 1 day per week!!! I haven't gotten laid off since 2010.
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    File for unemployment.
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    Everybody has to start at the bottom Hulk that's the way it goes.But I don't understand how if you are a full time driver you can't bump back into preload or reload or both. You must have come up to driver from one of those position's right? They can't tell you to come in as a driver(Oh we need you all week) then post you up on the staffing sheet as on-call. That's just wrong. When it's available in our center they ask high senior drivers if they would like the day(they can always find someone)and the low guys work. Although right now everyone is working even cover drivers in our area. If your not happy with your representation in your area read the contract yourself and find which article fits your needs and file it yourself. It does sound to me like there is something wrong.
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    Jesus, this argument again? Seniority prevails in ALL situations. If I want to work, I will. If I don't, I won't. Overtime? Sometimes yes, some times no. As long as it's done in seniority order there is no argument.
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    My center has been doing this for years. At one point, they offered entire MONTHS off, then it became weeks and now it's usually just a day or so (as staffing has been reduced / volume has climbed). I strongly oppose the policy because it keeps guys working who'd otherwise retire... for example, I know a 40-year guy who says that working only 3-4 days per week, taking the summer off & having a helper all-day during peak has extended his career. If the baby boomers had planned for retirement & were exiting the work force accordingly, we wouldn't have the economic problems that we do. But that's a topic for another thread :).
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    One of the perks of seniority. If you don't like it then when you're top dog take a pass on it.
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    Cach, you have to agree that he does make a good point.
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    If you want to go 25 and out feel free. 40 and out, God bless. It's a free country. Every one has their own reasons to stay or go. Who says it's "retirement planning"? If it's not the same as someone elses then that's the critics problem.

    Starting to sound like Occupy UPS around here. People want what the higher seniority have without putting in the time to get that seniority.
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    It's well-documented that many Baby Boomers are continuing to work because they have to, not because they want to. Many have high debt, low savings & a lot have no pensions. So yes, their retirement planning was poor. And even though UPSers have generous pensions, many continue to work because they need the additional income - not because they want to.

    I certainly don't want higher seniority without putting in the time... I'm just commenting that the scheduled days off prolong the careers of people who would, and should, otherwise retire. Sure, you could characterize my nephew's 72-year-old teacher by saying 'God bless, it's a free country' but how effective is somebody who rejects modern technologies and doesn't relate to her students? No doubt younger workers are -- generally -- more effective and productive than their elders.

    I don't advocate Occupy UPS, but I don't understand a society in which a 70-year-old continues to work in order to pay his $200/month cable bill and fund trips to the casino... while his 35-year-old son lives with him because he can't find work.
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    Maybe thats what the 70 wants to do.... and if that is what they need to do to fund it,,, well then there ya go. Their choice
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    Cach, the kid makes a lot of good points.
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    Then hold them to the same standards. Don't send me out with 30-50 more stops on the same route as the 70-year-old. Make the 70-year-old teacher use modern technology (hello, notebook computers and graphing calculators!!). Welcome to 2012.
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    To paraphrase Marx, "to each according to their ability, to each according to their speed. "

    The Teamster's position on standards is based on the same pay for different levels of ability or performance.
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    Would the kid like a washrag for his....................tears?
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    I am low guy on the seniority totem too. Our center doesnt offer ONE day off though. It's the whole week or nothing. They refuse to pay my benies and the driver taking off benies.

    I agree with the "make them perform like we do" point. I had a dispatch sup come up on the belt after I sent the regular 25 plus driver home. The dispatch sup looked at me and said, ":censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. If I had known you were running this route I would have thrown 30 more stops on it." That's where the BS is. Just because I have the legs to do it doesnt mean I want to, or should have to. Seniority doesnt give you the right to be lazy, it gives you the right to bid routes with lower stop counts.