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  1. Tim.

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    Our center is supposedly getting PAS in April. My question is, did your preload take longer with it? Right now we start at 4 to 430, with 8 to 9 feeders. Of course they ram the boxes down our throats, labels facing each other and box up against box. We usually finish with ground around 8AM. With PAS, will they have to slow down the flow? Thanks.
  2. UPSGUY72

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    No they will speed up the belt. PAS is suppose to make it easier for the loaders they don't need to think as hard anymore.

    NHDRVR New Member

    'slow doen the flow?'.....sorry, I'm laughing....
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    Its all about production. They think PAS makes the pre load more efficient.
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    You surely don't think that they are going to spend considerable money on this only to pay you more for doing your job as a result of it taking you longer. Can't believe some centers don't have pas yet. We must of been one of the first centers to get it back in 2003.
  6. Tim.

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    Maybe Im mistaken. When the package comes out of the feeder, isnt it scanned, then a label prints out and that label in slapped on the box. Is this how it works? If so, there is no way with our flow and crappy splits that this will be possible with slowing down the belt or volume on the belt.
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    In Toronto they just did a $75 million expansion to our hub.It is huge.We do not have PAS,EDD,or telematics.We still accept cash for cod's.We do however use diad 4.
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    We have 4 people outside the unload with arm mounted scanners that print a magenta label on the box. The label has the route designation, sequence number and which belt the package goes on. And which side of the belt the package car is located.

    Only the clerk has the kind of scanner that prints out a sticker. The magenta label is just actual ink or something shot onto the box from the hand held scanner.

    Amazingly our preload is wrapping up sooner since we went on PAS. My center has been on PAS for almost 6 months.
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    Our dispatch has tweaked the PAL label slightly by adding the driver's initials to the lane number with the thought being that it would help reduce misloads. Pkgs for my area would be, for example, 22DB-RDL.

    The loaders don't like it and it really hasn't reduced misloads.
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    Well, it's much easier for a loader to step into any area and load compared to the alpha chart system, but...
    1) Sorters and unloaders will be added, flow is about the same.
    2) Most people who have loaded 3 trucks will now have 4.
    3) As promised, there are no more last minute splits at the end of the day. Now they call them add/cuts.

    At least there are fewer missorts and no bags on the belts, but you're still going to work just as hard or harder than you have before.
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    Just expect to have fewer loaders. Every loader will pick up at least one extra car....
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    PAS Takes the Knowledge out of loading the trucks by a chart. But Ive always been more about quality not quanity! Just take your time I loaded both ways when part time Just take your time and take pride in your job 1 package at a time.
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    The biggest problem for loaders with PAS is walking into the wrong truck. All trucks have the same Seq. #'s. 1000-8000. Old school which I guess your still on, a loop with 3 trucks might have seq #'s 1-700. With a truck getting 1-300. another 301-500. you get the idea.
    Make sure your in the right truck. But like said before, there is no more knowledge issue. You can load any area.