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    Hello all,

    I'm starting June 25th as a package handler and I have a few questions. a) is it possible for me to switch to being an unloader from a preloader after so many months; and, if so, how many months do I have to wait. I hear the unloaders make a little more money which would help. I hope to make UPS my career and I know it's hard work, but I've never been afraid of that. b) I was told I would be paid weekly, which is great, but that I wouldn't get paid until the end of my second week; does that mean that I won't get my first weeks pay until I leave or quit, or will I get it combined at the end of the second week? I opted for direct deposit to make everything easier. It's nice meeting you and I look forward to talking to you in the future. :) I'm interested in what Brown can do for me.
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    We get paid on Friday's for the previous week's work. When you separate or retire you will receive a paycheck the Friday after your last day.

    Unloaders and preloaders make the same wage--sorters get a $1/hr premium.

    Direct deposit can take up to 3 weeks to start so your first few checks may be paper checks.
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    I better ask about the direct deposit thing because I've already submitted all my info. Can the hub just write your check or is it mailed? Also how does vacation time work? Like how long does it take to accrue and how much do you get. Also, is it paid vacation? Thanks everyone.
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    I have direct deposit, and on friday by noon, my money is in the bank. At my hub, they hand you the paycheck when you come in. You get vacation after a year of working, also get one option day. It's one week paid, but you can come in on your vacation and get paid for working too. Vacation pay only gives you four hours a day.
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    Working your vacations varies from center to center---my center used to allow it but we are no longer allowed to do so. Vacations are meant to be a break away from work (and Brown Cafe:wink2:). Paychecks are issued by your district, are brought to the center by a feeder driver and distributed on Thursday morning and have a Friday pay date. It does take a few weeks for direct deposit to kick in so you will receive a paper check until then. You get a week paid vacation (20 hours) after one year of employment. Your daily guarantee iis 3.5 hours so you may make a little more money when you go on vacation. You will receive your vacation check two weeks before the last day of your vacation.