Question about paying drivers: Fedex vs. UPS

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    As I read through this board, it seems like there is some dissatisfaction among employees of FedEx contractors about the pay and benefits. For my information -- since I'm considering purchasing some routes -- are employees of FedEx contractors generally paid less than UPS drivers? How about benefits?Also, does someone have a feel for what drivers make in the southeast? The current owner of these routes starts his guys at 32k per year with no health benefits. Is that about right?
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    You need to start educating yourself before you buy anything. This forum would be a good start, but it sounds like you're new to the industry. Do some research on FedEx Ground and UPS. FYI, the new contract will have UPS package car drivers at around $31 per hour unless they are in a high-dollar living area, then they make more. That, plus 100% medical and a great pension.
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    This was my reaction too!
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    Of course....that's why I'm doing due diligence. I'm definitely looking to find out as much as I can.

    So UPS is paying $31 per hour plus benefits? What motivates a driver to stay at FedEx ground? Is it because there are no openings at UPS?
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    well generally speaking......perhaps just a tad

    benefits? why yes indeedy!...if you do a good job, they let ya come back the next day
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    Driver pay from contractors varies widely. Some guys are making great money and have paid vacations, other guys... Well, the package handler loading their truck makes more per hour than they do. lol

    As far as I know, none of the contractors in my station offer any benefits.
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    ​His parole officer motivates him.
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    A crappy economy is the only motivator. If this was a healthy economy the pay would have to be a lot better along with good benefits.

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    Actually UPS is making $32+ right now before the new contract. So that gap will be even wider like the Grand Canyon.
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    You get what you pay for.. If you think you can pay a driver $600 or $700 a week and expect him to work a full 40 hours (including loading the truck & scanning 100 or more packages a day) a week in this economy where unemployment is less than 7.5% and falling when UPS starts workers off at much more, you are delusional --- they won't care and will make mistakes and put contract at risk..
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    I think FedEx ground & home delivery is where people go when they can't get hired by UPS?
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    I've heard $33.09 for package car, but that might be with the supplement some drivers get for living in a high-cost ZIP code. Feeder drivers would come-in even higher than that.
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    so those who apply to work for FedEx Ground or HD likely can't get hired at UPS due to some 'issue'??
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    Like I said in another thread, this all depends on what part of the country you're from. $600 a week is decent here, but I imagine in a place like NYC that money would go really quick. If one of your employees develops a pattern of negligence that puts your contract in jeopardy, you let them go.
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    Pay your drivers a pittance. What you pay drivers depends on what you can get drivers in the door by offering. If its less than 32k then that's money in YOUR pocket. Welcome to the world of livin large! That gravy train will soon be rolling!
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    Not being sarcastic. But where is $600/week decent?
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    That's what im wondering too lol.
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    Somewhere on the east coast, where you can rent a 2 bedroom apartment for 500-700 a month.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Wow, that narrows it down. On the west coast that would get you a shack in the hood.