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    Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster!

    Anyways I had 2 questions to ask, one relates to me and one to a co-worker.

    1. I have worked for UPS as a pt'er since May 2006, however I graduate college with a bachelors in accounting next Dec., and in Jan. I start with the CPA testing. So my last day would be sometime in Dec. Question is, am I eligible for any pension if I stay till May 2011 since that is 5 years? Or does the 5 year rule apply to ft'ers in which I would need 10 years?

    2. A co-worker of mine received one of those separation packages. A supervisor told her that she could collect unemployment still if she accepts. I told her not to accept yet because i think that is a voluntary leave. I told her I would ask someone that knew about that stuff.

    Thanks guys/gals!
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    1. We'll need to know if you are in a bargaining unit job or not. And if so, what Supplement (and/or Local) you are in. There are numerous regional pension plans and they all have their own rules.

    Usually you need five years of Vesting (not ten) to be "guaranteed" a (small) pension at age 65.

    If you are in the Central States area you are covered by the pension plan described in Article 34, Section 1, (i).

    2. Unemployment rules vary State to State. Search the Internet for your state's official unemployment compensation website.