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    I have a buddy in another center trying to qualify. The supervisor trained him for two days and then threw him on the route alone. He probably drove 3 or 4 days and struggled a bit so the supervisor told him that he was going to go on road with him and see what was slowing him down. He told him that last week and it still hasn’t happened. Everyday the supervisor texts my buddy with an excuse as to why he can’t work. This week it’s been vacations are light, last week it was the center was short staffed and the supervisor couldn’t take him out. Can UPS do this? Does my buddy have anything he can do here? He’d like to make some money.
  2. Adahowfarms

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    Unfortunately yes they can do that it sucks but that’s part of being at the bottom of the totem pole.
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    Your buddy needs to save those texts from his boss.
    When your buddy gets DQ'ed he can use those texts as a reason he didn't improve enough.
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    Drive fast, take chances!
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    General rule: If you’re trying to FT qualify near or between new Contracts, it’s highly likely you’ll be :censored2:ed with.
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    Is your buddy trying to qualify as a TCD first?
    If so they may be holding out to force him into a 22.4 spot.
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    When I did my 30 I didnt even have a supervisor with me once. I did my observation ride with another driver a month before going to school and that was it.

    I struggled for 2 days then it clicked on day 3.

    Great folks in my center but if a new driver isn't getting it they won't hesitate to pull them off and throw me back on it. I always thought you were supposed to keep the driver on the training route and let them fail their way to success.