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    I'm 18, fresh out of high school, and plan on working at UPS as my first job. I've heard both the good and bad about working at the company but I'm willing to deal with all that and simply work hard. But my question is, can I receive college benefits after I land the job even though I didnt qualify when I applied?

    What I mean by that is, I haven't finished the enrollment process for my university of choice just yet, so on the UPS website going through the application process, I put "no", for "are you currently a student etc," but I have definite plans to attend college. So my question is do I only qualify for the student benefits when I'm applying for the job, or can I get them once I have the job and start attending university. Any help is much appreciated, thank you.
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    The benefits aren't given to you until you finish the semester with a passing grade.
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    Alright. So say 4 months into my job at UPS, I pass a semester in college, I can get those benefits then?
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    First your location has to offer tuition reimbursement.
    Then you apply for it after you register for classes. After you get your grades you then send in a transcript for reimbursement.
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    Alright thank you for the info. Greatly appreciate it.
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    Only if it's offered at your building. This varies by location.

    If you get hired at a hub with reimbursement, my advice is to get everything done (paperwork, etc.) done as early as possible. Submit your application with your class schedule as soon as you're able. Submit your grades to EDCOR as soon as you get them so you don't get gigged on filing late.
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    First..he needs to get hired.
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    To the OP, Good Luck!

    How refreshing to have a young person post in complete and understandable syntax! Well done young man!
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    Ur welkum.
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