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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by MissJ, May 1, 2007.

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    Until this week, I usually preferred to use UPS, please let me know if this is normal.

    I was expecting a package from an order I placed online. I was expecting the package, as I had received one the week prior from the same company and left a note out that they could leave the package as specified to do on the website. On the InfoNotice left, the driver had checked that I needed to be present for the delivery and wrote void across the back. All other packages prior, including the one the week before, I usually just sign the notice and it is at my front door the next day. I don't understand why this is different?

    I called the sender first to make sure they didn't request that, they didn't, they called UPS to make sure. I called UPS and emailed to see if this could be released because there was no way I could be there on a week day, or have it rerouted to my office. They all said it was up to the driver and there was nothing they could do. One woman at the regional center told me if I wrote another note, releasing the driver of liability he or she would most likely leave it but, they didn't.

    For a little background about my home, it is an apartment but it is a brownstone with 2 other units with neighbors I know well. I would ask them to sign if they didn't also work. We have an inside vestibule protected from the public where we all get packages delivered on a regular basis.

    Did I do something wrong? I don't understand why this package can't be left? If I've asked that it be released, and the sender has also asked, why won't he? Is this common and I just don't know about it?

    Thank you so much for any responses.
  2. over9five

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    What are the 9th and 10th numbers in the tracking number?
  3. Cementups

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    1. Your regualr driver may not be working this week and it is a cover driver just protecting his butt and getting signatures at apartments as instructed.

    2. If it is something electronic or of value and the driver can tell that by the packaging he may not feel comfortable leaving such an item out for all to see.
  4. DS

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    If its not too late call and have it redirected to your work.
  5. Raw

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    If your a hot looking babe he probaly will always get signatures! :cool:
  6. DorkHead

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    If your apartment has a common entrance shared by other tenants then he should require a signature. Call the # on the notice and have your pkg rerouted to your place of work.
  7. scratch

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    Sometimes the shipper uses a tracking number that forces the driver to get a signature in person, you signing a delivery notice or release letter will not over-ride that. I would call and have it shipped to your work address or have see if your apartment manager will accept it. If three attemts have been made and its not a COD, then it is held at the UPS building for a week before it is sent back to the shipper.
  8. feederrat1

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    I never get a choice. If a customer calls the 800 number for a reroute I get a message saying pull it for clerks. Shouldn't make a difference who drove the route, regular, swing, or cover driver.
  9. dei8

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    I thought we were allowed to leave pkg at apartments if the common door to the outside locks.
  10. cast

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    Request WILL CALL and go pick it up at UPS office or re route to your work .
  11. CFLBrown

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    His driver might be like me. I love bringing back packages up to 3 times. I love the heavy ones even more. How about the cute little notes saying "PLEASE LEAVE THE PACKAGE AT MY APARTMENT OFFICE" when we know that the office wouldn't sign for them even if you were related to the manager.


    Ya. Like other drivers said. For some reason the driver that left the notice felt the delivery needed a signature. I've been thrown in some different areas at times and I wont DR to certain apartments until I know the area better.
  12. disneyworld

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    Do you know if something was stolen in the past? If there was and UPS had to pay for it, your address could possibly be a bad release now.
  13. MR_Vengeance

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    alll this calling around for nothing? wasted time to find this forum and asking question online? why don't you just call the 800 number and pick it up yourself?
  14. DS

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    because she paid for it to be delivered
  15. MR_Vengeance

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    true, but if she can't be there to sign for it then the pkg is going back to the hub period! personally i will never DR anything at any apartments, not only it's against the rule it also cost the companies money if the reciever files a claim.
  16. MissJ

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    9th and 10th numbers are: 03

    I finally found the number to the regional center and was told it was not released because of a missing claim by someone else in my neighborhood. I have yet to ask my upstairs neighbors if it was them. I was told the package last week had a different driver which is why it was delivered and this week was another driver.

    I was emailed about getting a 'Shipper Release' but the sender did call and package was still not released.

    I apologize if my question was an intrusion, but I did call the 800 number twice and still no answers. As it stands right now I have to leave work 2 hours early and take 2 buses for 1+ hour to pick up the package as I do not own a car. I'm just trying to find a way to avoid this in the future. My back door is a private entrance, that might be a possibility.

    Thanks again for the feedback.
  17. govols019

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    I understand your frustration but if I were the driver in your area I wouldn't drop the package without a signature either.

    When it's all said and done we are the ones that will have to pay if something were to happen to it.
  18. ups79

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    If she has a separate back door entrance, with a storm door, and the package will fit between the two doors and not be seen, it is a safe delivery, unless the driver has been told never to dr a package at this address.
  19. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    It seems her area is now a level 4 DR area because we had to pay a claim. No DR is possible unless it's a BASIC package.
  20. Jbo223

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    Your Whole area may be restricted to any DR Release... But if you sign a DR waver or a delivery Notice you should get your package, However mabey your driver had to pay a claim and he will not DR any packages.. Dont let that stop you from shipping with UPS....