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    last April I was disqualified from becoming a ground driver because of my times. I was told I was ineligible to try again for a year. When that happened they had me sign the air cover sheet and our building has 2 bid air drivers in the morning and I. They use me regularly, I do air work 2-3 days a week, I also signed the ground cover sheet. I'm driving the brown truck more than I do my inside job not that it's relevant here. anyways one of the bid air guys just signed the ground bid, meaning his job will be up for grabs if he qualifies. my question is am I eligible for the air bid after being dqed going for a ground job last April?
  2. I've seen many drivers that couldn't make it as a ground driver get qualified as an air driver. As long as you wasn't in an accident they don't seem to be as strict about air driving.

    Sign the bid when it comes up. You have nothing to lose.
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    Sign the air driver bid, also you might want the check with the local regarding your ground DQ last year. In our area if you are a qualified air driver you don't have to requalify when you take a ground driver bid. It's to late to grieve that DQ from last year but it could benefit you in the future. Contact your BA regarding local rules on this.
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    The only way to find out is to sign the bid and try.
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    That and look in his contract to make sure management doesn't deny him when they can't
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    Sign the cover driver bid. The company disqualified you. You didnt disqualify yourself if what you posted is correct.
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    Sign ANY bid that you have interest in. Even if your unsure if you qualify for. Sometimes management say you don’t qualify blowing smoke out their bums.
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    Chubby girls like ground driver's. Right @KOG72 ?
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