Question about taking a UPS Freight job at Cleveland, OH terminal

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by tbono, Feb 19, 2011.

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    I am currently a 7-Up driver and part of the Teamsters. I was just offered a dock worker/driver position with UPS Freight in Cleveland. I don't think this particular terminal is union, is it?? I've been looking for a better driving position because during the winter, my hours at 7-UP are consistently cut due to lack of loads and now I'm on layoff for a month of so. When I interviewed with UPS Freight for this position, I was told that I consistently have at least 40 hours a week all year long. I get an hourly wage for the days I do dock work and then when I drive, the pay isn't hourly, but based on the miles I drive, the # of stops, the # of cases I handle, etc. All of the "wage" postings I've read on this board seem to talk about hourly rates for drivers. Does anyone know anything about THIS type of earnings at UPS Freight? One drawback to taking this job is that their contract is up for re-bidding in June of this year and there's always the possibility they won't get it. They told me they're pretty confident they'll get it, but if not, everyone working there would be out of a job. The second drawback is that I won't be driving full-time. I'd have to wait for a driver opening and then I'd be next in line to get it. I'm seriously considering taking this position, as the earning potential is much better than at 7-Up and I know you sometimes have to take risks to get ahead, but it's just a scary thought - as I have a wife and 4 kids to support.

    I've also read something about "satellite" carriers for UPS -- not exactly sure what this is or if the Cleveland terminal is one of these??

    Can anyone provide any guidance? I'd really appreciate any information that may help me make a decision? Thanks!
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    I would advise you to think this out long and hard before giving up your current job.
    Yes, UPS full time offers good pay and excellent benefits but part timers quite honestly have it rough. Part time dock pay is only 10.50 per hour but when you are driving I think it is around 16.00 per hour. Part timers are not eligable for insurance, paid vac, paid holidays until after one year of service. There will be probably be days you will not work at all. The best way is to keep your full time job with current employer and also work at UPS part time...if this is practical for you. good luck and hope this info helps.
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    Thanks for the input. I may not have been very clear in my original post, but this IS a full-time position -- I just split my time between dock work and filling in for drivers. I'd be eligible for insurance after 30 days and would start to accrue time off like everyone else and I'd get holiday pay. My biggest fear is that they won't win their re-bid on their contract in June and I'd be out of a job. But, if they do get the bid, it'd probably be a much better job than the one I currently have. Does anyone know much about the UPS contract bidding -- do they usually win their bids (as I was told) or are they out-bid by other freight carriers a lot of the time?

    Things are not very stable at my current job either, as my plant merged with another plant and the unions are fighting over which local will represent us. Then, there are rumors that due to the merge, they may be letting some drivers go (and I'd probably be in that group, since I only have a year there).

    Well, thanks again. Any other input would be very welcomed!
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    At UPS and UPS Freight, they do not "bid" on contracts, "win or lose" them or get "out-bid" by other freight carriers.

    All UPSF terminals are union now. Some took longer than others to accept and ratify. When ratified, they voted on a length of time for their contract to be in force or existence. Some, on the east coast, are nearer to expiring than further inland, hence you may be referring to an upcoming vote on a new contract, which can either be accepted or rejected.

    You may be referring to their individual "job" or "route" bid. In most UPSF terminals, road runs or even city P/D jobs are bid twice a year. Whoever is qualified or had the seniority can bid on the run or job they are classified in and hold that for the next six months. You, as a new driver, would probably not have enought seniority to bid on anything for quite a while and would be relegated to taking whatever is left. Could be good, could be bad.

    Local volume would dictate whether you would work steady or not. Here, I say, HERE, most lowere seniority UPSF guys are working pretty steady, whether road or city. You should do some research in you local area. Talk to your BA to see how those guys are faring.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Race, I believe the OP is talking about contracts with shippers, not our NMA and, as you well know, we do bid on those.
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    Yes, that's what I'm referring to...bidding contracts with shippers. It's my understanding that this terminal only delivers liquor and I'm assuming it's for one shipper. From what I understand, they had a 10 year contract to deliver this freight and if it is not renewed in June, everyone will be out of a job. Is it unusual for a terminal to deliver for only one shipper? Are the odds of UPS getting their contracts renewed pretty good? The job I have now is ok, but I think working at UPS Freight would be much better one -- just don't want to make a huge mistake.

    Also, the way they pay their drivers -- not hourly -- they pay a 'mileage' rate + a 'per stop' rate + a 'cases handled' rate + an additional amount for all runs under 120 miles per day. Everything I see on these forums mentions an hourly rate for drivers. Any idea why this terminal pays this way? Is this unusal?

    Thanks again for all the input. I really appreciate it.
  7. raceanoncr

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    OK, I considered that, that shippers ARE under a contract, and, yes, that's true. But, I CAN'T believe that out of all of Cleveland, this UPSF terminal ONLY delivers ONE LIQUOR contract. VERY unusual and highly unlikely.

    Now, it may be that this booze place is one of the BIGGEST out of the terminal and losing it WOULD cost a lot of jobs. That's happened in parcel. But there has GOT to be more freight to handle...Home Depot? Menards? Office Max? etc.

    As for unusual pay, never heard of that here. Never was in UPSF, was only in parcel side but have been friends w/many of the local freight guys for years, running on the road with quite a few of them. Here, city drivers are paid pure hourly. Road drivers are paid mileage w/hourly for breakdowns, delays, etc.

    Best bet? Check locally for more of these answers. Call the local.
  8. Mike57

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    If that's the case,pardon the pun. It almost sounds like a UPS FREIGHT DEDICATED account,Not the UPS Freight,/freight as in The old Overnight.
    The Dedicated uses UPS Freight name,but around here where I live it is NOT UNION.
  9. Mike57

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    I reread the original post,This has to be under" Dedicated" under the freight name , BUT more often than NOT, NON union. UPS has many customers that they do "The Logistics for.
    This sounds like one of them.
    UPS Freight "Freight " pays by the hour in the city, by the mile on the road and time spent. They do NOT pay by the case.
  10. tbono

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    Thanks - maybe that's it. I don't recall "Dedicated" being mentioned during my interview, but this sounds like the case. If so, is this bad? Would any of you take a chance on this job change? Would this get me any closer to possibly getting a UPS Freight ("freight") job in the future or are they two totally different things where I'd have no advantage over anyone else trying to get a union UPS Freight job? I'm not totally hung up on having to have a union job, as where I currently work, it's Teamsters, but that hasn't really seemed to have benefited me. I'm constantly working reduced hours, have been on layoff for over a month. We just got notice that our insurance premiums are increasing from $6.00 a week to almost $70.00/week.

    My main reasons for considering this job change are: 1) stable hours - I was told during interview that I get at least 40 hours a week (whether they're being honest or not, I don't know); 2) possibly more money - even though I have 2 years of driving (no tickets/accidents, etc. on my CDL), I'm only being paid $14.65/hr., will probably be moved up to $16.25 in a few months and will max out at around $17.95 in another year. This UPS Freight job starts out at $15.15/hr. for the "warehouse" part of the job and based on their formula, will pay about $22 - $23 an hour for the 2 days that I'd be driving each week. Supposedly, during the summer, I'd be driving a lot more to cover for vacations, etc. I'd be next in line for a driving position (if someone were to quit, get fired, retire, etc.). So, the potential earnings could be considerably more if I land a full-time driver spot. In the meantime, my wages would probably at least equal what I'll be making at 7-Up if not surpass (if they really do work me a full schedule all year).

    My biggest concern is this UPS "contract" that has to be renewed in June. If they don't get it, then I'd be out of a job. But, on the other hand, as I mentioned in a prior post, my 7-Up plant just merged with another plant and there's talk that they're not going to have enough work for all their drivers and may be letting some go. I'm 3rd from the bottom of the ladder, so I'd most likey be one of those cut if they really end up doing this.

    I know no one can tell the future, but I was just wondering with all that you know about UPS Freight (even Dedicated), is it worth taking a chance?

    Thanks, guys. Have a great day!
  11. skippy17

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    I see why your answers are different to us your talking about the "special services" division of UPS . Most of us here are UPS Ground Freight, we don't haul the liquor thts the special service division. I think you would be better off in the freight end myself.
  12. tbono

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    Thanks everyone for the input. I did accept the position and start my orientation on Monday. It IS for the "dedication" division of UPS Freight. I just hope they win the contract bid in June! I'll find out in a few months.
  13. raceanoncr

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    Congratulations, tbono! I hope it works out for you and your family. Chances are, if the "contract" IS lost in June that you could still remain on. Think positive!
  14. poppybill01

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    Our current contract does not expire until 2013 ---the same time as the parcel contract.
  15. poppybill01

    poppybill01 New Member

    Sorry, if Cleveland is under same contract..we have a couple terminals that may be different but dont think so.
  16. tbono

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    Well, so far so good. I did one week of orientation and this is my 2nd week. I'm taking a route for one of the other guys who's on medical leave. It's a little harder than driving bulk at 7-Up because I'm throwing anywhere from 1400 - 1800 cases of liquor a day, but the pay is much better too. Our contract with the State of Ohio for delivering liquor IS set to expire on 5/31/10. I'm not sure who else is bidding on this contract, but as you said, I'm trying to think positive in hopes that if we do lose the contract to someone else, they may keep the drivers and warehouse workers. Since I don't have experience with this, not sure if a new company would bring in their own drivers or use the ones in place from the prior contract holder. Anyways, I do really like it here. Great boss!
  17. Yes! All UPS Freight terminal are union.
  18. Romeo

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    Sorry it took so long to post but haven't been on in a long while. You get paid dock rate when you work the dock,you get p&d wages when you do that and you get paid by the mile when you run the road. Now if cleveland is doing something else I don't know about it.Now SSD ( truckload side of UPS Freight Nonunion)
  19. newguy2026

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    Any more info on how your making out I have a interview for cdl dock worker and just want to know how the pay and benefits are