Question about the UPScareers site and "Package Delivery Driver" job listings.

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    Fresh meat for you guys and gals this being my first post and all. =)

    Im curious about these job listings on the UPS website. Some say full time package delivery driver. I can only assume these are possibilities for "off the street" hires. Although I'm sure if there are PT's at these locations willing to step up that the job posting would vanish in a glimpse.

    None of the listings are in my area..yet. And possibly may never show up but if they do I'll be sure to jump on it.

    I've had my CDL A class since last September and have been driving tractor-trailers and 30' box trucks for a 'drink' vendor 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week. Long story short, the company has tanked and soon I'll be starting at Express fulltime which will gain me more driving experience and route experience.

    So, what I'm getting at is do you think someone with my experience would qualify for an open position if one opened up locally and wasn't taken from within?

    I know that I wouldn't survive on a PT position's wages per week compared to what I've made in the past with family to support, mortgage.

    Also on the website for careers I narrowed the search down to Package Delivery Driver and come up with 188 hits! Some say fulltime package driver while others say seasonal, yadda yadda. Seems there are a lot of open positions out there. I don't see how there could be so many posted and not already taken from within that hub, wouldn't atleast a few guys or gals try and jump in before its even posted publicly?

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    Wondering the same thing.

    I just applied for a "full-time package delivery driver" position and I'm hoping its not seasonal-temporary full time.
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    Hi, I am in feeders and many years ago nobody from inside the building signed up for feeders...One of my former co-workers was hired off the street for a feeder job..He was there about 5 years and was tired of being on the bottom of the seniority list and quit.. So, you may have a chance to get a feeder job. I would check daily, and if your willing to move that may increase your chances.. SO, long story short, they have hired tractor trailer drivers off the street.. As far as the jobs available for package drivers, some of the part timers don't want those jobs.. Hell, when I started it was about 7-9 years of PT before you had a chance of a full time job, that was back in the 80's...You do have a chance to get a position, just stay on top of it. GL
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    My application said the same thing a few months ago. It ended up being seasonal driving only. I could be wrong but even off the street hires generally have to be a seasonal hire for a season or 2 to be considered for a permanent.
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    They don't, but UPS can hire only a limited number of off-the-street drivers. Given that the jobs attract enormous interest, it makes sense to "audition" candidates during the free period and pick the ones it likes best.

    Despite oodles of many low-count BC posters bragging they were just offered an off-the-street job -- before ever stepping into a package car, beyond the road test -- I doubt it happens often, if ever.
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    Drop a lot of "off the street hires" in the first two weeks of trying to qualify. A lot of people will say "I'll do anything for $32.00 an hour", until they find out what it means.
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    This is incorrect.
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    First time poster here, but have an experience to share about this. I have little driving experience and was looking for a UPS driver job. A friend of mine is good friends with a driver who knows people in higher up hiring positions and they put in a good word for me for a part time position. Anyway once I talked with the person who hires people for these jobs he said most of the normal package handlers take the part time positions when they become available. He did however open up the online application and made it ony viewable to me. It sounds like they try and fill the positions with people they know first.
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    May weigh up to 70 lbs?? LOL then who delivers the 100 lb + packages??
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    yes its lame that ups lets out side ppl go staight to full time ibeen waiting for over 7 years for anything that get 8+ hours.. currentlyi work the pre-load and for that last2 years work the night sort, also part owner of a shop and work another part time job i would move if to get full time
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    Waa waa waa.
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    Here is a copy of the application for PT:

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    I remember years ago we had a off the street hire was out for about 4 hours. He called the center told them to get the truck he wouldn't do this job for a 100 dollars an hour
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    lol...... wow is it that bad?

    I thought being a mail carrier was bad but I know UPS can't be no worse

    am I wrong? lol.
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    It's not that bad.
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    Especially if you come in early and sort the truck on your own time. Lol
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    he has the special pants that have built in knee cant get them off of the ordinary uniform order sheet...They are "special order"