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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wizard, Nov 13, 2007.

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    On april 16th 2007 I reached my 5 year anniversary, do I have to wait until Jan 08 to start using my extra 5 days? or do I get pro rated a few days for this year?? My sup cant answer this Ive called HR for the past month and left 5 messages no on ever called me back. I called the union and they havent gotten back to me yet either. I work for ups cartage and just thought someone here might be able to give me the answer.
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    listening but don't know

    Someone will

    give em time
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    Well in my area of the country we do not get it until the 10th year!

    But I know when I hit 15 years I got the improvement week the same year! But for those guys who have seniority dates in the second half of the year it would not come until the following year. Good luck!
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    May depend on your local supplement. You should be able to use them after april 16th.
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