Question about when you can leave work?

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  1. Hello, I'm new to this site but I've been lurking on it recently and I had a question that I hope can get answered. Recently, our buliding and my belt has been getting absolutely destroyed with irregs to the point where there are probably over 100 on the ground when the next shift starts. I was wondering If technically I'm allowed to leave when the shift after mine starts or do I have to stay and put all the irregs up like I've been doing
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    You work as directed which means you leave when directed.
  3. I see. Thanks for the reply, also, I work day sort right now. Say I wanted to go to preload, can I request to leave without a valid reason?
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    Why don't you ask your SUP if you should leave when the other shift starts or not. Can can request to leave for any reason whether they allow you to leave or not is up the them.

    As Upstate has said you should only leave when told to otherwise it could be considered job abandonment...
  5. It's not that big of a deal. Heck, I'm part time and pull 26-28 hours a week so I shouldn't be complaining. I was just wondering if there was some sort of rule stating when the next sort comes in the previous sorts employees are permitted to leave. The real reason I ask is because I had to pick my brother up from practice today but they ran me 50 minutes into the next sort and I really didnt think they were allowed to do that. Clearly they are so I'll deal with it.
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    You are guaranteed 3.5 hours and (I think) you start getting OT after 5.5 hours so you can be sure they will get you off the clock before 5.5 hours.

    As far as leaving early on the preload---the same philosophy applies--you work as directed and leave as directed.
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    OT is after 5 hours, Einstein.
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    ...which is why I said "I think".
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    Actually you posted "(I think)".

    Which makes the reply more absurd.
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    Yeah, you thought wrong. Which happens all too often with you.
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    OK folks, let's have an informal poll on this.

    Who is the one that really looks stupid here?
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    You work for corporate. Shouldn't you mod the corporate board?
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    There is not one ... plus I enjoy observing people making fools of themselves so I look everywhere.
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    Its obvious to me that you have a skewed since of reality viewing the board through your brown-colored glasses.

    No wonder you and Upstate Dave are a match made in heaven.
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    Man you must have had a bad day at work today and it is carrying over to your evening here on Brown Cafe.

    1) You replied in an emotionally charged way after a poster qualifies their post ... doesn't make you look like Einstein. Strike 1

    2) there is no corporate board. Strike 2

    3) it's not "since" ... it's sense. Strike 3, you're outta here goober boy.
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    Oh boy, the grammar police is out in full force....Rut-roh :(

    You obviously don't know my history on here with good ol' Upstate Dave. One of my very first posts on here was a question about coming back from work after having my colon removed. He, essentially called me a liar and that I never had my colon removed. That, along with his abrasive know-it all smugness is the reason that I bust his balls on a regular basis.
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    Carry on.
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    Zagsfans blind hatred for Upstate is why he came across looking like the fool in this instance.
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    So much Daverage in this thread.
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    Zags...maybe having no : is affecting your grammer....jk :peaceful:

    Hoak...maybe we need a corporate forum and you could fix everything!'s ok we know your heart is in the same place

    cincy...ask your sup