Question: Can you retire from UPS after less than 10 years??

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    and take a full time job working for another Company with a different union??? :confused2:
    If so, where do you start ??
  2. rod

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    You can "retire" from UPS and take a job elsewhere anytime you want. If you are thinking that you automatically start getting a pension check the answer is no. I don't believe there is a pension after only 10 years- but I'm sure someone else on here is more up on this than me.
  3. Baba gounj

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    Most people are " vested " in their pension plans after 5 years. What that details is that you have a right to collect after a certain age something ( it depends on several factors ).
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    What do you mean vested? As in it kicks in automatically?
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    "Most of the unions involved with UPS require a 5 year vest (which means you have to be employed for 5 years). In most cases you can start collecting at age 62 at a reduced rate or age 65 for no penalty. Also if you are partimer you would be only getting a company pension which in my area is $55 a year for every year of service. So yes you will get a pension at 62 with 10 years of service. And yes you can work another job while collecting a pension as long it's not the same union (like any teamster job). If it's a company held pension you will get it doesn't matter where you work. Hope this was helpfull!!!