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  1. konsole

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    I'm wondering what other people around the states have for numbers this time of year. If you could answer these questions...

    1. what town and state is your building
    2. whats your start and finish time
    3. how many packages does your building do in your morning shift
    4. how many package cars get sent out after the preload shift.

    for me...

    1. Norwood, MA
    2. 4:50 am start, 8:20 am finish
    3. ~36,000
    4. ~120
  2. KBlakk

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    Those numbers put us to shame.
    1. New Windsor NY
    2. 4:00 am start, 8:45am finish (most days)
    3. 13,000
    4. 40
  3. wolf4747

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    I'm a preloader in norwood as well, same answers except we are usually out at 8 45. I'm on belt 7, what belt is done at 8 20?
  4. konsole

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    im talking about the primary start and finish. Primary starts at 4:50 and doesnt it finish around 8:20? I know I'm usually out around 8:45 also but I start at 5:00 too. By the way this is Andy from belt 1 (natick mall). Also how many trucks do we have, isnt it about 120 or so?

  5. hdtvtechno

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    and the point of these questions are ?
  6. konsole

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    because I want to banish all those to hell that have the easier jobs and worship those that have hard jobs. LOL dude I'm just curious what other people are doing around the country, chill out. This is a forum for talking about UPS related stuff right? Are you going to call ESPN and wonder why they are talking about sports?
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  7. 1. Shrewsbury, MA (Worcester Hub)
    2. 445 Mon, 430 rest of the week (lately) and a 715-730 downtime in the primary/unload on the ground, the air varies
    3. 25-30,000+ packages depending on the day
    4. 105-115+ drivers, again depending on the day

    We have two boxlines, an MDC and 2 (sometimes 3) PDC units.
  8. rocket man

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    Get ajob with ups and answer your own question whats the number to your union hall then ill answer your question
  9. UnsurePost

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    I worked Norwood MA preload, sort aisle, unload, pickoffs for 5 years. Around 2.5 years on preload.
    The most difficult preload assignment was peak in 2005 when I had 2 24's and a p500. I cant remember the belts there and assignments, plus in peak they bring out they extensions, but it was the walpole ind park and sharon rt1. That was also the first year PAS was in so it was that much more difficult .

    The highest pkg volume I can remember for a peak was in 02 or 03 when it hit around 80,000. The Norwood avg, even in the good economy, was between 31-35k.

    Here in CHEMA, I can't even venture a guess as to how many cars go out every day. There are around 260 FT route drivers and 50 FT cover drivers. It is also a boxline preload.
  10. racerchaser

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    This week Norwood has been around 37,000 to 39,000 on Tuesday and Thursday. Legacy Place has been doing some damage to belt 6.
  11. Theichii

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    1. Opelousas, Louisiana
    2. 4:45 till usually 8:30-8:45
    3. 3,900
    4. 16-17
  12. Christmas

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    Pikeville, ky
    mon and friday 5:30-9:30
    rest of the week 5:15-9:45 or 10 a.m.
    Packages Uknown. % usally runs around 180-250
  13. konsole

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    as late as 10 am sometimes? Doesnt your building have any airs to deliver?

    We have been starting at 4:50 and finishing around 8:20 since just after Christmas last year. Its gonna be interesting how close to peak they can keep our 3.5 hour bare minimum schedule.
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