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    Ok im a T.C.D. in the Southern Supplement, my question is, if you are advised by center management that you are not needed to drive that day and to report back to the hub which in my case is nights the 2300-0300 hrs shift. Do I have to go in that night or return to my primary job the following night? Thanks in advance for answering this for me. If this is something that has been asked before I had no luck in the search engine.
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    You tell them, "I'm reporting to drive, so if you all don't have anything for my I will be filing me guaranteed 8 hours." Then you report to your other classification the following day.
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    Not how it works for a temp cover driver.
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  4. Overpaid Union Thug

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    That same night. Knowing that you are on the midnight shift they should anyways give you advanced notice of when you'll be needed. If possible.
  5. BrownTexas

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    Maybe not where you are. I'm in the southern supplement and this happened to me a few times as a TCD. If I drove Monday, wasn't told to not drive Tuesday or report to my part time assignment, and reported to drive Tuesday, I was entitled to 8 hours at driver pay. After a few grievances if they saw me show up in browns because they forgot to tell me, they found me a route to drive. No sense is paying me 8 hours to sit at the house.