question:no healthcare for 1st year, how will we get loaders

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by coldworld, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Coldworld

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    This is about the only thing that ups can dangle in front of new hires to get them to start. Spin it anyway you want, how will ups find new people to load for 8.50 an hour with no healthcare. Ups spends big money in training and turnover...even for edd centers. Ups has one of the highest turnover rates for part-time employees, I have seen numbers on line as high as 400%. Even with the healthcare issues, there are still many places that gives their employees "decent" healthcare. If you want to point a finger at anyone on the healthcare issue, thank walmart, and smokers, anong other problems.
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    Actually, even this is becoming more and more difficult to justify. I've found--and will be purchasing shortly--a health plan that covers medical but lacks the preventive care, dental and vision coverage. Those cost extra. But....the plan itself is about $80/month with an $1,100 deductible. I forget what the UPS plan's deductible was but I don't think it was too much more. -Rocky
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    In my area at least the new hires we get, for the most part, could care less about health care. They are young guys who are trying to make some money while in school or are working it as a second job with no family or dependents. I would be willing to bet this plays a part in the decision to delay health care benefits. The company may think "why give them something they either don't need or don't care about". I'm sure it's not the only reason but it seems to make sense that it's part of it.
  4. maybrown

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    Don't forget after 90 days they have the best healthcare for part timers.
    I don't see any company that may covers healthcare right away for new employees.
    Don't compare to WalMar they deny the union right!
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    You've got to remember that providing healthcare for PTers attracts the wrong type of employee. They want the the young, single kid that is going to college and is still covered by their parents.

    Providing healthcare attracts the older (possibly married with children) person whose main attraction to the job is the healthcare. Examples are: farmers, wives and a second job for those whose primary job does not provide benefits. These type of people are in it for the long haul. The odds of those benefits coming into play grows with time. Not the ideal PT employee from a business standpoint.

    They also would save money in wages with a steady turnover of these employees. Say every 2 years or so.

    But I will agree that at $8.50/hr to start, the turnover is most likely to be higher and more frequent that they'd like. It's a lot easier to flip burgers for the same (if not more) money than to put up with the physical demands of moving pkgs.

    Just another case of spending a dollar to save a dime, in my opinion. But the dollar shows up on one set of numbers while the dime shows up on another. Maybe some day they will put the two together and see what it's really costing them.
  6. sendagain

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    A part time job has always been a position for young people in school or just entering a company. At that age, many have little need for medical care; I remember I rarely used it. UPS is one of the few companies in America that offers the kind of benefits to part time employees that allow them even to retire. I admit that the low starting salary is failing to attract quality applicants, but the huge costs of benefits for employees forces the company to find cost savings somewhere.
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    Well, the insurance companies sure have found a willing American public that will believe smokers are the reason for insurance hikes.

    I agree. From the company's perspective, pt employees that will not want to stay with the company probably save the company money. I also agree it would have been smart to offer more in wages to attract better employees.
  8. #1angelfan

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    with the new contract, the new people will not be getting any benefits until they are with ups for a year, and if they have a family, the family won't be covered for 18 months.
  9. Coldworld

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    smokers arent the only problem, but add to the issues. Some companies are realizing this and addressing the problem with their smoking employees. And there are lots of info on walmart, why do you think different states are starting to notice walmarts different health care policies, and how the states are carring the load of the nations most profitible company. Its corporate welfare, no matter what your stand is about them being union or not.....basically its wrong any way you turn it.
  10. currently this is true. if the new contract passes it will no longer be the case
  11. 705red

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    Theres an idea! $8.50 to start and a pack of newports daily, we should be able to hire more ptimers with free smokes, maybe next contract we can ask for rolling papers!
  12. Brown Dog

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    That's funny red, but you know what, it would probably work
  13. Coldworld

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    no ****, when I get back, there are 3/4 of the hub out puffing away.
  14. GuyinBrown

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    Setting the wage issue aside for a moment, I think that the turnover has a lot to do with the fact that it's hard work and there is a significant decline of good, old fashioned work ethic in today's youth. I think that there would still be a pretty high turn over even if they started out at $10 an hour.
  15. scratch

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    Throw in a six pack, and the deal is sealed!:thumbup1:
  16. blue efficacy

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    Its the chicken or the egg. Is the lack of work ethic a result of declining real wages for any job that doesn't require a degree?

    I think so.
  17. GuyinBrown

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    Perhaps, but 20 years ago the starting wage for the part timers was considered excellent and there was still plenty of turnover. Guys would come in on their first day, work until break, then decide it was too much work and just leave. I saw it happen all time. I think that if you raised the starting wage ( which I do agree is too low ) you would still see a substantial amount of turn over.

    Again, this is just my opinion as I don't have any statistics to "prove" it.
  18. blue efficacy

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    You'll always have turnover, it's the nature of the job.

    But if the compensation is unfair, that will make the average new kid more likely to quit.
  19. GuyinBrown

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    My point is that I think UPS will always have higher than average turnover.
  20. gandydancer

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    No heatlh plan for a year for new part time hires means less benefits for everyone else. UPS currently pays more for the health benefits of this group than they, on average, consume. With that surplus gone your health plan won't be able to spend as much as before on you.