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    I know most will respond by saying this is incredibly 100% not true. But I just have to ask anyway out of curiosity. Even though I'm sure it's not true either lol.

    Our head supervisor/preload manager said; that all loaders have to be OFF the line by 8:30am. Anything left out that's not 'tossed' in. Will be left for the driver to wrap it up. My defense when they debated that with me was simple, why have the driver load it when it's our job to do it in the first place? They said not to argue with them, as it's "world wide". They said every loader in the system is doing it. I find that extremely hard to believe. (probably because management said it in the first place). That's my rant for the day.

    On a side note, enjoy the Friday and have a great weekend! =]
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our start time is 9:15--the loaders are normally wrapping up their cars as we get on the belt. Most of them are off the belt NLT 0930 unless we have late loads.
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    There are many reasons why preloaders have to be "off the belt" by 8:30am; when they cram packages down the preloaders throats, and then throw them out the door at 8:30am, the "excess" worked is low, which makes PPH seem high. That is one reason.

    Another reason is because of the simple monetary consideration of paying multiple preloaders to stay 15 (or more) minutes late.

    I can't speak for "worldwide" obviously, but I can say that the only day preloaders punch out at 8:30am - in the facility where I am employed - is on Monday, when almost all ground is sitting in the building when the shift starts.

    And, to your point: after 8:30am it's not your job anymore; if you are told to go home, you should go home because that is working as directed.

    edit: Assuming a 5am start time, and 3.5 hours guaranteed.
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    Your guaranteed 3.5 hours. Make sure you get them.

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    Whats up brown cafe, its been awhile? As far as the post this isnt true in my area.
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    True in mine. Has been for a while.
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    Thanks for the replies, greatly appreciated! =]
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    It's all about numbers. Apparently the preload managers needs to have better numbers
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    So set your watch for 8:30. Work as normal and as soon as your watch goes "beep beep" just drop whats in your hands and walk out the door. Then see what happens.
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    You tell me. Notice the handcart handle sticking above the 1000 shelf.

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    I wouldn't you will get fired for abandoning your job.
  12. Indecisi0n

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    For working as directed?
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    It is an organized clutter.....right?
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    Might as well take a woodchipper to load the packages.