Question on Diad Input for a Multiple Business Stop

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    QUESTION 1) Does UPS in your center have an accepted method of delivering multiple packages to one location that is actually for several different business locations?

    For example..... a strip mall/shopping plaza delivery with three adjacent stores....... all owned by one customer. The driver delivers all packages for all three stores to only one of the three stores.

    QUESTION 2) If the driver records this as three different stops in his/her diad, would this be considered dishonesty in your center?

    TIA for any information you can provide...
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    That is textbook padding stops.

    The correct method is to scan and prerecord each stop separately. When all stops are in prerecord, you hit prerecord, mark the first stop as LA COM and the next two as DUP COM. Signature, enter, clarify, stop complete, left at location.
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    If it's the same address with no suites Then sheet first stop then the others put DUP COM. I've seen guys get pulled in the office for prerecording. It's not the method. If the customer wants them at each location then you can sheet three stops with out DUP COM. In my center there's a route that has 5 stops and each stop has 5 inside each stop. The company tried to fire bid drvier but they couldn't because that's what the customer want's. Driver trained his customers well. He has been doing it for 15 years.
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    Is that what the customer want's or is the customer ok with it and the driver is benefitting from it.
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    There is only methods.. Not accepted methods per each building. I am willing to agree that some centers and some center teams breach the rules also. I'm not saying it does not happen. What I am saying is that all of us should follow the methods and not worry about what is unique for their facility, or what a past center mgr said. You can't get in trouble for following methods.
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    How can you use DUP COM without prerecording?

    Was the bid driver getting a signature at each of the 25 stops?
  9. How do you Dup Com without prerecording?
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    You are right the best way to find them is lost prevention managers a lot of center manager's don't even no the methods 100%. Lost prevention does and if not I was not properly trained. I have center managers say one thing and I ask what does lost prevention say can you give me a print out. 9 out of 10 they walk away.
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    When you scan they package stay in the address scan, then press the DUP button. If it doesn't work go into the stop then arrow up and try again. It will show DUP on the screen.

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    If I go in a business. Leave a info notice on suite 201 door that I left package at 101, do I record as 2 stops or 1 if I also have a stop at 101?

    why does the Diad give option of left at resi. And left at com?

    why can you pre record say 5 stops and leave them at the office of a apt. Complex and get credit for 5 stops using left at res. for each one? I often wondered why it gives you that option. If I go to apt door and they re not home I put ni1 then go to office and record as a dup. Stop.
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    That driver wasn't DUP COM the 25 stops. That was me putting two situation in one paragraph, sorry my bad.
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    I asked two separate questions, hence the break.
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    Two stops.
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    Left @ res, for indirecting a sig required package to a willing neighbor OR apartment complex.

    Left @ commercial, for indirecting of packages from one office to a willing neighbor.

    Also, say you go to your apartments and you NI1 them, and there were 10 different apartments. When you go to the office to "dup" them, do you just input the rental office's address, or would you waste a BUNCH of time re-sheeting each individual stop?

    It's always much simpler to just indirect anything to the leasing office
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    If stop 1 is closed or not in, and stop 2 is willing to sign for stop 1, pre-record both LA Comm, sig, stop complete, and clarify location. I don't know if that is correct but that's what we have always been told to do. It counts as two stops.
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  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Pkgs for both Ste 101 and 201. 201 not in. Leave info notice w/"left at 101". Prerecord both stops, hit LA COM, stop complete, type in 101 for left at location.