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  1. paapz

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    I am a PT package handler. I got the bid for a FT driver position, passed my DOT physical, and took my road test today. Failed by one mark. I was told prior to my test to make sure I took wide enough turns to avoid the curbs. I was then told he would tell me something once, and if he had to tell me twice he'd give me a mark. He marked me on two hands when I know he didn't have to tell me after the first time. I made wide enough turns, but then marked me for "too wide" of turns even though I was still in my lane. Also, gave me alot of marks saying the clutch was grinding too much for him. Oldest truck in the fleet, had to toy with the clutch to get the gear to fall into place. (Even another driver made a comment when he walked by about how :censored2:ty the truck was that he was testing in) Didn't stall once and was in control of the vehicle the whole time, did not hit a curb, went on the highway, went through two construction zones, backed the truck into the hub perfectly fine. Still failed by one mark..Being told that if someone else fails I can retake the test. Really frustrated, does this sound like something I can contest? Or am I just screwed?
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    Only your union rep could help you here but otherwise, good luck.
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    Is there any reason they might fail you, other than your driving? Because it's really about who they want to qualify, not about what is fair or just.
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  4. paapz

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    Not to my knowledge. I'm never late, definitely not lazy, bust my butt every day, never have gotten in anyones way..I really walked into my meeting thinking I passed, and heard I failed by one mark. He said "I don't add points up as I go, I marked ya, and added at the end"..I was completely dumbfounded when they told me I failed by one mark. Why even give me a bid? Have me go through all this crap to just fail me by one mark? It's like I did everything he told me, handled the crappiest truck on the highway, and backed in no issues...Just so confused and discouraged.
    Not to mention, all my supervisors, hub supervisor...all were super excited for me, pushing for me to drive. This guy is in my section, but we've never shared anything but hello in passing.
  5. UnsurePost

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    we're all given the crappiest truck and etc. It sounds like you didn't quite impress them enough.

    However, I always wonder if there are other reasons behind the scenes.

    For ex: I saw a package handler go for a road test Friday (yesterday). I wished him well but with his neck tattoos, wondered if he'd be in the same shoes you were in...even if he drove the thing like he stole it
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  6. paapz

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    Right, I expected the crappy truck and such.

    Agreed. Definitely don't have any neck tattoos or any. Ha. He just asked me questions about my family life, if I had kids yet - said No, but that I was thankful to potentially have the opportunity to start my career so that my wife and I could start thinking about kids. Seemed like a decent guy, a bit abrupt in the beginning. I guess I just hope that he failed someone else and I can retake it??
  7. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    I know you can attempt qualify one time per year. I'm guessing you'll have to wait one year after the DQ, but it's worth asking about, since you never formally started your 30 days qualifying.
  8. paapz

    paapz New Member

    Really? The head of the hub talked to me today and told me if someone fails I can retake it?
  9. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Yeah, like I said, maybe since you didn't begin qualifying, the one year rule doesn't apply. Quite possible.
  10. paapz

    paapz New Member

  11. paapz

    paapz New Member

    I don't want to be that guy, but I'm thinking about it.
  12. By The Book

    By The Book Well-Known Member

    Sounds like there weren't too many in your class, from your center. See if they will let you practice driving that pos around the parking lot before you take your next road test. Good luck!, and stay positive.
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  13. UPSGUY72

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    Taken and passing a road test is to show them that you can safely control the package car in the real world. The test is subjective based not objective based if the person that is given you the test feels you can't safely handle driving a package car your not going to pass it's as simple as that.

    Just because you used your blinker, kept your hands on wheel, etc, etc doesn't mean crap if your all over the road, drive to slow or fast or just are just wound tighter than a 2 dollar watch.

    Good luck next time.
  14. paapz

    paapz New Member

    I think 5 total- this was just the initial road test. I believe they're hiring 7. I did ask if I could practice prior, was told no. Hope I get another chance at it..
  15. Shifting Contents

    Shifting Contents Most Help Needed

    You can take te road as often as they'll allow you here.

    It isn't a DQing event.

    We have 3 on roads that are qualified to do it.

    1 and 2 are jerks but have a 90%+ pass rate.

    The third is my favorite on road. He has an 80% fail rate.

    He's taught driving school, he been to mdst so I think he holds people to a higher standard and knows what it's like to get that dip:censored2: in driving school who someone just let slide through the driving test
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  16. oldngray

    oldngray nowhere special

    They usually pass people if they seem to have a vague clue about how to drive. Probably expect them to improve with practice. They probably passed some they shouldn't but that is pretty fair since it gives them a chance to drive and prove what they can really do. The only problem is some of those people have no hope of ever qualifying as a driver and besides wasting everyones time they are taking up a slot from someone who has a realistic chance of making it.
  17. Number24

    Number24 #24

    How many more months until your next road test did they give you?
  18. paapz

    paapz New Member

    I wasn't given an exact time, they said they'd let me know Monday if anyone else failed and then if they did I could retake it. As for letting anyone who has a vague clue how to drive, definitely wasn't my case. I am not amazing with clutch, but definitely had control of my PC the entire time. Will admit to grinding a little, but would've never have expected to fail. I get making sure I can drive it, but the one mark fail is really under my skin considering I'm presently working as a PT package handler and cannot start a family on that income.
  19. paapz

    paapz New Member

    He definitely never mentioned it being a DQ event, because if someone else failed I could retake... I hear a lot about having to wait months or a year? That's if you fail a road test in the "integrad" portion, correct?
  20. oldngray

    oldngray nowhere special

    Grinding gears a little wouldn't fail you by itself. It is more you showing you are in control of the vehicle as you drive down the road and how smooth you are in turns. Very subjective for sure.