Question on Option Days at 2 yrs????

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  1. Anyone from the southern region that can answer this?Just fill in the blanks please.

    Ser. Vac. OPD
    1yr 1 wk 1 d

    2yrs 2 wk ? d <- this is question do you get more than 1 opd at 2 yrs?

    3yrs 2 wk depends on option selected

    10yrs 3 wk "------------------------"

    15yrs 4 wk "------------------------"

    20yrs 5 wk "------------------------"

    25yrs 6 wk "------------------------"
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    I'm in the Southern Region and I've been at UPS for almost 7 years now. I get 2 weeks vacation and one option week that I can take in 3 ways. 1) 5 straight days of vacation @ 58 hours paid, 2) 7 individual, non-consecutive days paid @ 8 hours a day or 3) cash them out at the end of the year @ 58 hours paid. I have gotten an option week since the start of my 2nd year at UPS.
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    Jacks right.You should have a choice on how to use option week.Ask some co-workers what works best for them because every center is different.I always sign up for the pd week off because you are guaranteed off then.Our center is so undermanned it is impossible to get a day off(unless you lie and call in sick and Im not much for that).If you are prone to getting sick go with opt 3.
  4. 2002-2008 contract gave option week to PT'rs after working three FULL consecutive years AND working 156 reports in the year option earned. This year you would have to have been hired ON or BEFORE the first working day of 2005 and had 156 reports in 2007 to be eligible for the option week in 2008.

    After your third year or if you are FT employee, you must have 156 reports to earn an option week for the following year...example---156 reports in 2008 to get option week (29 hrs PT or 58 Hrs FT) in 2009. All seniority employees get the one contractual option day plus the number of weeks vacation as spelled out in Article 61.

    The three option choices are correct.
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    Ditto to that here as well. Asking for an option day is like pulling teeth. When you ask your on-car for one, he looks at you like you just slapped his momma or told him his dog died. I always take the paid week, even if I don't use it. If I don't use it, I get it paid near the end of the year. I did that last year and it came in handy for Christmas money.
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    Here we can choose when to get paid for our option week.

    As far as I know, the is only one "option day", to get this day you must submit a request in writing 7 days prior to the day you want to take off. The manager/supervisor must either disapprove the request with in 24 hours (in writing) or the day is your's.
    Our management team tries to make us believe that we have to do the written request if we are taking our option3 days one at a time, but that is not how the contract reads.

    OH NO! I said the contract word, does my response need to be moved to the Labor forum?