Question regarding raise when becoming a certified Pick Off for belt.

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    When you become officially certified for the pick off position on your belt, does your -current pay rate- increase by a dollar? My -regular- pay rate is above my -current pay rate- because I have been in the pick off position for my belt for a while now because no one has gotten certified for the position, but my -current pay rate- hasn't changed at all since getting certified. I finished my certification test 2 Fridays ago (got it confirmed with my full time supervisor.) Thanks for any help.
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    If I can decipher what you just wrote. You already have the dollar pay bump and want to know if you get another dollar pay bump for being certified?
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    On my check it has my current pay rate and my regular pay rate. My current pay rate has stayed the same since getting certified. Is that normal?

    I've included an image of my check showing my current pay rate and my regular pay. Shouldn't my current pay rate match my regular pay now that i'm officially certified?
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    what are you supposed to earn, what do you earn now.

    More info required.

    some operations have to reclassify you as a sorter. Some buildings you automatically make the dollar when you are coded to the sort job.
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    It's probably because you are relatively new to the skilled position. Once you have gotten the dollar bump, you should have it from there on out. It took about a year for the two pay rates to match for me on the paystub.