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  1. oakcreekteamie

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    So I am going to buy some new Oakley sunglasses for my treat to myself for making it through my pre-seniority and I just moved into a new apartment this past July and it occurred to me this question: What happens to my packages if I use UPS? Will you guys just post one of those stickers on the door to the lobby of the apartment complex? Or would it be best to ship them to my office? All answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks again guys!
  2. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Chances are driver will just leave a notice checking off "sig requried" becaues most apt buildings that the public can access are not driver-release zones. Having them shipped to the counter for pickup or anywhere else, like your day job, is a better idea.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    To add to that, we tack on a residential surcharge and, in some cases, a rural delivery charge, so it may actually be cheaper to have it sent to your office.
  4. Cementups

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    Let me save you some bucks too. If you knowEXACTLY whichc Oakleys you are buying, then look on eBay and buy from a reputable seller. I have before and always had good luck. My one pair retails for $210 and I bought them for $140 on eBay

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Had Oakley's, seem like everyone has them. For Xmas, I got a pair of Revo's......too cool!
  6. drewed

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    im getting 3200 in oct and thats gonna be my gift to myself, i ruined my last pair of oakleys
  7. JustTired

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    Next time you stick your head up there, take them off first!

    Just kidding.....couldn't resist.....nothing personal.
  8. barnyard

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    Apartment releases are dependent on the driver. I have entry codes to all the buildings that use them and am trying to get keys for the rest. If it is a building that I have the entry code for, I release the package at the apartment door. If it is not a secure building, I leave a notice and check "you may sign to have the package delivered" or whatever it says. 9/10, I have a signed notice and leave the package the next day.

    All that said, have it delivered to your office.

  9. oakcreekteamie

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    Thanks again for all your help guys! I really appreciate it! And to think i was going to go to Yahoo Answers...shame on me! ;)
  10. drewed

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    thats not nice at all :( lol
  11. dcdriver

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    Oakleys sell on the street for $10 a pair you can't tell the difference.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Aren't those called "Foakleys"? (Fake Oakleys)
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    Sorry, I'm a RayBan Wayfarer guy.
  14. backinbrown

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    Rayban should make contact lenses that are shades im allways picking mine up off pkg car floor when im picking up floor pkgs, hmm may bE on to something here
  15. old brown shoe

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    Get a PO Box at your local UPS store. They will sign and hold all your packages and mail for you. You can also ship all your stuff out from there. Open on Saturdays if you work week days.
  16. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey If I didn't have LASIK 7 years ago, i would seriously loook into these.
  17. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Crooks, I wouldn't give them a penny. :wink2:
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    Here is the scoop. I am a 22.3 air driver. We had some incidents the other night and I wanted to get your input. We are guarenteed 8 my bid says 4/4. My 4 was up at 9. At 8:50 late air came, and the manager came with his car and ran it an hour and a half away. At the same time in the bldg there was a group of p/t sups loading and unloading a trailer after the sort looking for a leaker. While the 22.3's took an 1:45 min break. The company did there best to keep this under the radar so no 22.3's would get OT. Is there anything wrong with this pic.
  19. edd_tv

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    the difference is in the lenses. i can wear mine into the back of the truck or into buildings and not have to worry too much about them cutting too much light. foakly lenses are no good. i think the frames are stronger but thats about it.

    plus hulk hogan wears them, so they have to be good.

    which brings up a sensitive issue to me. why the h do they not make the original eye jacket anymore? those were the best oaklys you could get. i have a pair that i got in 03 still going strong to this day. i wanted to retire them because the rubber ear piece on one side was coming off but they do not make them anymore.
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    Uhhh you're only garaunteed an hour lunch. If they send you to lunch after 3 hours, at 8pm, you can go back at 9 and punch in. They have to find work for you.

    Up this way, the union doesn't want you taking over an hour. UPS might. Don't do it though, take an hour at most.